Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Here Goes Nothing!

Okay, so here we are.....my first post. I always dreamed of being a writer. I even started a few books, but I'm not much of a finisher. So, I thought, since I live in a house full of kids (four, to be exact) and I often talk to myself (as I am the only adult around to talk to during the day), I'd just try this blogging thing. I figure, what's the difference in talking to myself and typing to myself.

This blog will mostly be about my family and our adventures in parenthood. I am the mother of four children, including one with special needs (my son is autistic). I am married to my very best friend and I have a total crush on him. I am a stay at home mom, a school volunteer, and an indie children's wear designer (hence the blog name, also my business name). I love my life.

Speaking of FrouFrouBritches, I started on the first of several Halloween outfits today. It turned out really cute. I just love this Alexander Henry fabric. It looks like little Victorian children dressed up and trick or treating - TOO CUTE!

Okay. It's snack and night night time at my house. We've got to get back on the school schedule - only one more week of freedom. After that, I must indulge myself in my reality TV habit. Big Brother, here I come.
Goodnight all.

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