Monday, June 18, 2012

Vacation Camping

I cannot believe it is already mid-June.  It is crazy how fast time passes by, isn't it?  Hubby was on vacation the first week in June.  What did we do on vacation? 

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Um, yeah right!  I wish!  No such luck.  I may have gone to Bora Bora on my imaginary vacation, but in real life, we went camping.  You see, E, has been begging to go camping since before Christmas.  I'm not even sure where she got the idea to go camping.

When I was growing up, we went camping at the lake all the time, including vacations and lots of weekends.  When I was really young, we went in my grandparents motorhome.  We also did some tent camping, but when I was around twelve, my parents got a used bumper pull camper.  It looked something like this

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It was a used Prowler.  It was old but we loved it.  We took that thing everywhere, including the beach in Florida.  So, having been raised in motorhomes and campers, of course my ideal camping trip would look something like this

but in reality, we borrowed a tent from my parents. 

C must have snapped this picture.  Hmmm.  They didn't tell me some fat chick came and helped Hubby put up the tent.  How sweet of her. 

The kids had a great time walking down the street to go to the bathroom.

Can you see the joy in C's face?  Fun times!

This is our view from our campsite.

This is the beautiful Lake Ouachita (Wash-eh-tah), right down the hill from our campsite.

Inside the tent, we were wall to wall beds.  After we fought with our air mattresses for a little while, we finally fell asleep around midnight.  We fell asleep with the breeze blowing through the tent, the sounds of the leaves blowing in the trees.  Then, CRASH!  Hubby got up to go check out the noise to find two raccoons playing in our trash can.  He scared them away and put a piece of firewood on top of the trash can lid and we went back to bed.  Ahhh, we climbed back on to our air mattress, covered up with the sheet and drifted off again.  CRASH!  Durn coons!  This time we just let them be.  So, after a deflating mattress and a fun game of musical beds, we finally got to sleep around 2:30.  Good times. 

I wonder how long it will be before we camp again.  Do you like to camp?




  1. Beautiful view, but no way would I sleep in a tent. I'm way too scared of snakes and other creepy crawlies, not to mention larger wild life. You are a brave woman!

  2. Welcome back! I wondered where you were. I actually don't remember helping your husband set up that tent, btw... but apparently I was glad to help...

    All kidding aside, I couldn't believe it when you started talking about your camping time with the family and showed that trailer. We had one almost identical to that when I was growing up. The brown was a little darker, but it looked like that. The Duchess had it all decorated inside with orange and brown toadstool looking stuff that was popular back in the 70s.

    Some of my happiest memories were on those trips.

    We have never taken our girls camping. The closest we came was a little cabin on a vacation one time that was BILLED as a "Little House on the Prairie" cabin but turned out to be more like a raggedy old shack.

    It sounds wonderful, and I'll bet the kids will remember it forever.

  3. I like to camp, but our last trip event. I don't think I'll be sleeping on the ground again. My poor old body can't take it anymore.

  4. The view of the lake from your campsite is so pretty! I didn't get to camp as a kid and I always thought it looked fun. Now it looks like too much work! We are thinking about camping one night at the lake, but we'll have to see.

    Glad to see you posting. I wondered what you've been up to lately.

  5. Oh, you're cracking me up. My folks either used a tent, or in later years a 'pop-up' camper - that was a lot of fun and a step up from a tent! Yes, my ideal camping trip would be in one of those 100K RVs, but the last couple of times we've gone, it's been in a tent. The last time was a year and a half ago, when my youngest was still 'night' potty training. Nothing like being awoken at around 3:30am to a crying, cold child with a wet air mattress and blanket because his forgetful mom did not pack a pull up. I think it would be more fun now :) Sounds like you guys had fun and made memories - which to me is what camping is all about!

  6. Not a fan of camping and I refuse to let people change my mind. But I know some people love it, so I tell them they can happily go and enjoy themselves while I sleep in a nice bed at home :)

    Your view looks lovely though!

  7. LOL:-) I love to camp. I haven't quite convinced hubby we need a new RV yet, though. Love lake ouachita;)
    I spent many many nights in my grandparents old ugly orange and brown prowler at lake degray. They have since upgraded, lol:-)

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