Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Think I Need A New Swimsuit

Ok.  So, I need a new swimsuit.  We spent Saturday with my family at the lake, including the favorite cousins, my sister and brother and my SIL and BIL and my aunts.  We ate lunch and then took all the kids down to the dock to swim.  The girls and I floated out in the water on our rafts to get some sun.  It was a good day. 

Couldn't resist adding this picture of my nephew, M.  He's so cute.

There was some not so good part though.  You see, I have this cousin.  She's a 20-something beautiful redhead.  She's a newlywed, sweetest girl EVER and all her body parts are exactly as they should be.  Do you remember that time in your life?  I do!  Okay, so I was never a raving beauty, but there was a time when I was cute and I could wear almost anything.  Those days are SO OVER!  I am about 20 pounds overweight (according to those doctor charts) and sadly, this weekend, I figured out that my boobs can do tricks.  Seriously, they will "lie down" on command.  Okay, so they actually "lie down" all the time (Durn kids!).  They will also "roll over" if I am lying on my side.  Okay, so they don't actually "roll over", more like "flop over".  But you get the idea, right?  This is the thing, I love my kids but they ruined my boobs!  So, I either need a boob lift, which I don't have the $$ for, or I need a new swimsuit with some kind of underwire and/or support of some kind. 

So, I love this one from Victoria's Secret.  The color is fabulous and it has actual cups (although the way she's standing makes her boobs look crooked), but I'm thinking nobody wants to see my muffin top hanging over those bottoms.  Not good.

Didn't seem to bother her, though.  She has more courage than me.  You go girl! (Google image)

There is this one.  It's cute on top, but see how far down the legs come?  That's so not a good cut when you have heavy thighs like me.  I need high cut legs and some color.

Hmmmm.  Not bad and it comes in lots of colors and specific cup sizes too.  But, the tank part looks awfully, um, slim for me.  UGH!  So frustrating!

Oh well, I'm off to keep looking for a swimsuit.  Who wants to bet I'll be back at the lake with my same old "soft cups for support" swimsuit.  They really shouldn't say they're for support, more like light encouragement.  "Come on boobs, stay up here where you're supposed to be". 

Disclaimer - I am sorry for my probable misuse of the "lie/lay/lying" thing.  I couldn't find my english lesson from Richella on the subject.  I aplogize to those of you who have excellent grammar. 



  1. It sounds like a tankini would be great for you, Tanya. It's got the youthfulness of a bikini, but the top can give some more support and the bottoms can elongate the legs. Plus, you throw on a sarong and poof- you'll look fabulous!

    I have to stick with a halter style one piece with an iron plate in the tummy area and underwire bra cups. Sigh!!!

    Best wishes for finding a new suit!

  2. I was just hearing that the Lands End swimsuits are really great for covering up and feeling better in a suit. My friends have been raving about them!

  3. This is hysterical...I love the tankini look.
    I wasn't given much in the boob area but mine still do some tricks :)

  4. Your boob trick description had me rolling! Good luck with your swimsuit search. Lands End, LL Bean, and Talbots are catalogs where you might look.

  5. LIGHT ENCOURAGEMENT! HILARIOUS! Needed that tonight!!!
    Thank you!
    Have a PRETTY day!

  6. I love the tankini the best! I'm comfortable in them, and I definitely agree about suits which come too low in the legs.

    Not even in my good body days could I pull that off. I'm too doggone stubby.

  7. That last model appears to be somewhat emaciated, poor girl. Her hip bones are sticking out. Somebody feed her!