Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's All Lauren's Fault!!!

Webster's dictionary describes obsession as a persistent, disturbing preoccupation with something.  Yep, that's pretty much what I've been dealing with.  You see, my friend Lauren at Not Yor Average Southern Belle posted the other day about a mirror project and a wingback chair project that she was working on.  She said she blamed Pinterest for these projects.  "What's Pinterest?" I thought.  So, being my nosy self, I had to click the little link button, which took me to Pinterest, aka my latest obsession. 

So, Pinterest is a website where people share creative ideas of all kind via photos.  Wanna see what I mean?  The photo below is inspiration for my dream backyard:

or if you need some Fashion Inspiration:

Need some decor inspiration?

How about a fabulous new recipe?

The inspiration goes on and on.  I'm still learning the ins and outs of everything, but I'm loving all the creative ideas.  It's like ceative, computer crack.  Are you feeling the peer pressure?  Come on, go ahead, click the link.  Try it, you'll like it.  Pinterest. 

You can browse all you want, but you have to get an invitation to "pin" (save) your favorites.  It took me several days to get an invitation.  It may go quicker if you ae invited by a friend, like me.  If you want to be "invited" by me, just leave me your email and I'll send it out to you. 

Go ahead, click the link:  Pinterest.  I dare ya!



  1. I'm on Pinterest's taking me a while to get the hang of it -but there are some gorgeous things to look at!!!

  2. Hehe... I'm sorry for getting you addicted but don't you LOVE it?!?! What's your Pinterest handle or email address you use to sign in so I can follow you?

  3. It took me forever to figure out how to get the "pin it" to work on my computer. I've been pinning away ever since but haven't spent a lot of time looking at other people's boards. Maybe that's a good thing. It certainly is nice to have one place to keep your ideas and inspiration pictures.

  4. Ok, so you're like the 3rd person in the last few days to talk about Pinterest. A friend was talking about it at the pool the other day and telling me how she is totally addicted to it now. I am thinking I need to look into this new thing. You all really have me curious. If I get addicted, can I blame you?

  5. No. No. NO!!! I will muster all my strength to stay away. I don't need a new obsession. I'm just getting over an old one.

    .... pinterest, you say?
    Spelled p-i-n-t-e-r-e-s-t.

    Writing that down.

  6. My girls know not to bug this momma while she's Pinteresting!

  7. I have seen reference to Pinterest in numerous posts. Off to check it out! Hope that you are keeping well,


  8. Ha! I've had a Pinterest for a little while, but I never get on because I'm so afraid of losing an hour (or seven) while there. Gorgeous stuff to look at and make me want it. :)

  9. I know! I know! YES! Hmmmm.... did I really need another thing to keep me on the internet ??!! NO! But, I spent my morning on Pinterest!
    Have a PRETTY day! Kristin

  10. Yes... I am feeling the peer pressure!!! I love what everybody finds and then posts about Pinterest, but so far I haven't joined. I don't think I can handle another computer distraction. lol. There are already enough reasons for me not to clean my house!