Monday, September 12, 2011

Chef's Apron Tutorial

So, a long time ago, aprons were something you would find in every woman's kitchen.  I remember my great grandmother wearing one when she cooked.  I have never worn an apron, but boy do I need one.  Last week I went to school to pick up the kids and I was covered in flour.  I had been making chicken and dumplins.  I had white powder covering my black shirt.  How embarassing!  I really should make myself a cute little apron so I don't walk around like that and embarass my kids. 

Anyway, my cousin emailed me about making a Dr. Suess chef's apron for a teacher friend whose classroom has a Dr. Suess theme.  So, I did and I thought I'd show you how I did it. 

I made a pattern a long time ago so I used that one.  I found a great pattern HERE if you need one.  Or, you could trace around an existing apron.  Whatever works.

Turn down 1/2" all around the perimeter of the apron and iron.  Turn down another 1/2" and pin.

To make the strap around the neck, cut a piece of fabric 4 x 25.  For the straps that tie, cut two pieces 4 x 21.  Take these pieces and iron in half lengthwise.

Now open the piece up and fold one long edge in toward the fold and iron.

Now do the same with the other side.

Now fold these together and iron. 

Now open it up again and iron down one end 1/2" and iron.

Close your folds again and iron and pin.  Starting at the short end of your strip of fabric, sew the short end, down the long open end of the strip.  Be sure to backstitch at both ends.  It is not necessary to sew up and hem the other short end of the strip.

Lay out your apron.  Put the unsewn short end of your strap at the edge of the apron, right under the "u" that goes under your arm.  Unfold the ironed hem and insert the strip piece.

(Yes, I hemmed mine before I realized it wasn't necessary) 

Now flip the fold back over and pin.  Repeat with the other tie strip.

Sorry it's blurry.

Now for the neck strap.  Lay out your apron and tuck under the ends of your neck strap into the top hem, just like you did the tie straps.  Pin.  Make sure your neck strap is not twisted.  It should look like this.

Now hem all the way around your apron.  Now for the optional pocket.  I cut my fabric 12 x 9 for my pocket.  I applied fray check to all of my edges and allowed it to dry.  Next I ironed down 1/2 inch on one long side.  Then another 1/2 inch.  Iron the other edges down 1/2 inch. 

To find the center of your apron, fold it in half lengthwise.  Do the same with your pocket.  Now line up the middle creases.  That cuts way down on all the measuring. 

Now double stitch all the way around the pocket.  ALL DONE!  You ready for this?

I love the apron, but I hate the horizontal stripes on me.  YIKES!  It's especially lovely over my pajamas (yes, I have on pants).  Notice I cut off my head and my scary bed head.  Your welcome for that. 

So, y'all ready to make your own?  I'd love to see them. 



  1. You did a great job!!!!! I can NOT sew so I have bought a few aprons and I do use them! I got a cute one at a garage sale with the towel sewn right on. it is even on the left side for a leftie like me and i wear it almost every day!
    Horozontal striped - should be banned!
    Have a pretty day!

  2. You're cute in an apron! Personally, I think all women are cute in one. That (and the fact that my grandmother ALWAYS wore one) is the reason that I generally wear one.

    I have several that I love. The best thing about them is that you never have to suck in your stomach.I wonder if that's why Grandma liked them, too?

    Anyway, I made one for my niece for a shower gift which was reversible. It was solid black on one side and black toile on the other. The toile side was monogrammed with her (soon to be) monogram, and the black side had "Mrs. Thompson" in pink.

    It was a hit.

    I keep planning to make myself one. If I do, I'll blog about it. I blogged about hers way back in the early days.

    (By the way, I saw a cute little girl in church yesterday who was dressed in something JUST like you would make. So cute!)

  3. Hey Tanya!
    Sure have missed you and your blog! Life has been filled with all sorts of ups and downs. My time on the computer is so limited with Chris still looking for employment, but we'remaining FAITHFUL! Hope you've been well!