Friday, September 9, 2011

Dr. Suess

So, as you may or may not know, I've been working at the kids' elementary school as a substitute teacher.  So, the first week of school I was subbing a third grade class and per the lesson plan left for me, I had to read Dr. Suess's Happy Birthday To You.  Let me just say that I'm not good at reading Dr. Suess.  I tend to say the words too fast and they all run together.  One of the boys said it sounded like I was rapping.  HA!  Yeah.  You can just call me Master FrouFrouBritches.  So, later when I was in the office talking to two of the "real" third grade teachers, I commented that I was not a big fan of Dr. Suess.  The look of shock on their faces was enough to stop me from talking.  They spent the next five minutes spilling their love of Dr. Suess all over me.  Okay, I get it.  His books are entertaining for kids, but I hate reading things that are just full of nonsense words.  It makes no sense whatsoever.  BUT, that's just my opinion.  My kids, however, LOVE Dr. Suess.  Our school has a big week long celebration for Dr. Suess's birthday in March, so when the Dr. Suess fabric collection was released a few months ago, I knew I had to order some so E would have an outfit to wear in March. 

Cute, right?  I do love that it features all of the characters on it.  Very sweet.  I do love Horton.  That's my favorite Dr. Suess book.  And it coordinates with this:

Don't ya just love those colorful titles.  Only problem is, the blue titles on this fabric faded and ran slightly when I washed it.  Not good.  But, I did use just a little of it with the other to make E a new dress. 

I hate that her white shirt wasn't clean so she could wear it instead of the black shirt underneath, but when you're running late, you do what has to be done.  This picture was taken after school so she looks a little rough and grumpy.  I had to bribe her with computer time to even get this lovely shot.  Yes, I know.  It may not be a good idea to bribe the kid, but I had to get a picture, right? 

So, how do you feel about Dr. Suess? 



  1. I like but don't love Dr. Seuss. The Cat in the Hat was the first book my daughter read all on her own and I love The Places You'll Go (it's a good gift for younger kids who are graduating. But I have never understood how kids can not get very confused by all his made-up words. Plus if I haven't had a strong coffee there's no way I could read his stuff out loud to a group of kiddies!

    I adore that cute fabric! My kids use to ask over and over and over what the animals are and I never had a straight answer for them!

  2. I guaraentee that she was the cutest little Who in Whoville that day! That is adorable.

    I'm hot and cold on Suess. I love Horton Hears a Who and a few others. Some, I don't like like The Lorax.

    I know as an educator that they are good for the brain because of the rhyme and rythm.

  3. Rapper! hahahahahahhaah!!!
    Maybe that is your next career - you might make millions- rapping to Dr.Seuss!
    I will admit -I am NOT a fan of Dr.Seuss either.
    Have a pretty day!