Friday, March 30, 2012

Port Aransas, Texas

My favorite beach picture

So, the last leg of our vacation was all about the beach.  My family went to Florida a lot when I was a kid and we've also been to Gulf Shores, Alabama a lot, but since we were already in Texas, we decided to hit the Texas beach.  We scoured the internet for which Texas beach was the best without too much distance.  We settled on Port Aransas.  It's just south of Corpus Christi, Texas.  I found a wonderful 3 bedroom condo at the Sandpiper.  Their website listed which units were available and had a virtual tour of every unit, which is important since you are actually renting from the condo owner.  We picked out particular unit because it had been remodeled in the fall. 

I didn't take many pictures, but here is one of the bathroom. 

and the master bedroom

view from the balcony

Now, on to the beach pictures:

walkway from the condo to the beach

cactus on the beach

Awww, sweet Hubby!

Mom and Dad on the beach

L loved the water

sand castle

My two mermaids

J feeding the seagulls


We also happened to be at the beach for J's birthday so here is a shot of his favorite present:

Mario, of course.

We had a wonderful time at the beach.  It was still a little chilly, but it was GREAT!  I'm so thankful that my family had this time together, especially with grandparents!

Okay, I'm all done with vacation photos.  Next week, I promise to move on to something else. 

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. It all looks wonderful. I LOVE that MBR. It looks huge.

    My favorite two shots are the mermaid one and the I *heart8 Tanya. I think you could frame that and make a cute beachy vignette.

    So glad you had fun! Families need to have fun together.

  2. What a gorgeous place and a lovely beach! Your hubby is so sweet too :)

  3. I'm BAACCKK!!! I told you I would be...hee, hee! Remember, I LOVE vacay pictures! These are certainly no exception! Wow...what a nice condo you guys had! I would have hated to leave that place! Your beach pictures are wonderful. Love the one of your mom and dad walking along the shoreline. So pretty! I admit, I'm a bit bummed that I don't have any more pics. of your vacation to look forward to. Oh, well...there's always next year, right? :)

  4. What a wonderful vacation and awesome photos. I could look at these things all day!

  5. Looks like y'all had such a great vacay!! I'm just getting caught up;)
    Love the Riverwalk in San Antonio. It's so neat!
    I haven't been to the beach in Texas in years.... Looks gorgeous!!!! Glad y'all had so much fun!!! I'm a lil jealous, ha!

  6. Those will be wonderful memories for you and the family. Looks like a perfect spot!

  7. I love your beach pictures! I have only been to the beach once in my life! It was when I was 14, and we went to California for my cousin's wedding.