Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Midlife Style Crisis

So, it seems that I am having a bit of a mid-life style crisis.  You see, when I was a teenager, I was all about fashion.  I would pour over the pages of Seventeen's fashion pages.  I actually had this issue. 

I loved clothes.  Y'all know I love polka dots, right?  So, one of my favorite outfits was an Esprit polka dot duster coat with solid cigarette pants in red.  I loved that outfit.  I also had a great pair of Guess jeans that were a marbled pink and blue  that I wore constantly my senior year of high school.  When I finally wore them out and holes started wearing through, I wore my pink thermals under them.  I love those jeans.  Then there was the red plaid Esprit top and pants with the wide white belt.  And the blue and white tie die outfit.  I guess my point is, I was a little shy, but I did take a few fashion risks.  I liked pattern and color.  Oh, how I love the 80's. 

Anyway, as I got older, had kids, and got fatter, my fashion style changed to comfortable mommy clothes.  If I am at home, I am in shorts or yoga pants (not that I've been doing any yoga, mind you) and a tee shirt.  If I am working at school, I am still in jeans, but generally in a cute top and shoes or boots.  This year, I need more options.  I need to get away from always wearing jeans.  I need some super cute dresses.  Lately, I'm like a teenager again.  I WANT clothes.  I miss being cute.  I'm tired of being frumpy. 

I've been kind of drawn to a boho cowgirl chic style the past few months.  Ya know what I mean?  Did you happen to watch Bachelorette Monday night?  Emily had on the CUTEST dress on her date with Jef Holm.  There is a video below.  You only have to watch the first 30 seconds to see the dress.  So cute with the boots!  Love it!

Let me just say as long as we're talking Bachelorette, that I adore Jef.  So cute! 

Anyway, I also love this:




Okay, so on the last one I'm not completely crazy about the belt.  I don't do fringe.  I'm not cool enough to pull that off.  Love her hair too.  If mine would do that, I'd totally cut mine off.

Y'all know I love me some boots, right?  I have several pairs, but no cowboy boots.  I'm dying for cowboy boots.  Especially some like these.

Brown and turquoise Ariat boots!!!  Gorgeous!  Love them!  Brown and turquoise!!!  Love!!  If only I had $170 just lying around.  Thou shalt not covet.  Thou shalt not covet.  Thou shalt not covet.



You get the idea, right?  Ya know the BEST thing about those boots?  They would fit now and if I lost a few pounds, they would still fit.  Gotta love that! 

So, how about you?  What trend has captured your imagination lately?  Are you a boho cowgirl kind of girl? 



  1. I. Am. So. Stinking. Boring.

    I never change much from the prepster of the college years. I like solids, and I like those deep shades like royal blue and deep red.

    What I HAVE been desiring lately are more skirts in the wardrobe for every day. Both of my girls are big skirt people. They will wear a skirt or casual dress four days a week, and even in the dead of winter. (what better way to show off the cute boots?) Me? I tend to wear capris instead.

    Trying to add skirts is my new fashion trend. So far, I've added ONE. I'm on a roll...

  2. You brought back some great memories of teen fashion. I also used to read Teen and Seventeen magazines cover to cover. I think I had a piece or two of Esprit but never had Guess jeans, but I sure did want a pair!

    I'd love a nice pair of boots and they'd last forever. They look so cute with skirts and dresses. I'm not sure if I could rock the cowgirl look but I like it.

  3. I think that style would be so cute on you! There's definitely ways to pull that off without overdoing it or looking like you're wearing a costume.

    Do you remember those espirit canvas bags?

    I had to beg my mom for years to let me get one of those for school. I finally got one in 6th grade and I thought I was so cool!