Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Day of Dance

September is always crazy at my house. School is in full swing and all of the activites start. My youngest started dance with her big sister this year. Although my oldest daughter detests anything girly, and because of this takes hip-hop, my younger one is still a girly girl. She was excited about her leotard and her dance shoes, especially her tap shoes. Here she is ready for dance!

My son also started baseball practice this week. He is at his second practice tonight and his first game is Saturday. It's going to be interesting. Most of the boys on his team have played before so he is going to have to work hard to catch up. I'm really excited about taking four kids to the ballpark on Saturday. FUN! FUN! (Okay, it's hard to get sarcasm across in writing). Anyway, more abou that later.

Speaking of J.P. and practice, they are on their way home. I better go act like I've been busy cleaning the kitchen from our yummy chicken and dumplins! YUM! Have a look see.

Looks good right? Just like grandma used to make? Well, this is just like my Hubby's grandma used to make. YUM! Sure was good!

Okay, gotta go clean up the huge mess in the kitchen! I just hate it when you roll out dough on your countertop and you're left with a big 'ole mess of dried up dough. YUCK!

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