Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Day of School (Photo heavy)

It seems like just yesterday I was dropping off my teenager at the Kindergarten building.  Yesterday, I dropped off my youngest.  To tell the truth, I've had mixed feeling about school starting.  I was ready for my oldest three to get back in their school routine, especially L (an autistic kid out of his routine is NOT a good thing), but I wasn't quite ready to let go of my last baby.  It seems like just yesterday she looked like this:

Today, she looked like this:

She was pretty excited.  This is the dress she WANTED to wear for the first day, but she had PE Monday which meant she had to wear tennis shoes.  So, we had to change clothes for the next pictures.

She seems pretty happy, right?  I wish that were true for the rest of my little ones.

Getting back in his routine!  WOO HOO!

He's sooooo NOT excited about school!

She just did not have time for all this picture nonsense! 

I'm happy to report that I did not cry (in front of E).  I did cry Sunday night.....a lot.  You can probably tell from the above photo.  Swollen eyes make for a lovely picture.  HA!  Also, E had a GREAT day and loves school, which makes it a whole lot easier on me.  It also helps that my SIL works at their elementary school and kept me updated all day.  E did cry a little this morning when I dropped her off, but was fine before I left the school.  AND, Hubby has the morning off.  WOO HOO!  A few hours of alone time sounds GREAT to me!

Have a great Tuesday!!



  1. Awww.. too cute! All of them are adorable. I held back the tears for my daughter's first day of her senior year too. *sigh* Thanks for sharing! Hope they all have a great first week of school! Enjoy your "private" time with the hubby today. :)

  2. First- I gotta say that your baby girl is just SO PRETTY!

    When my youngest went to school, I felt that it was an end to a season of my mothering life. I was happy , but I was totally sad too. I understand your tears, cause I cried them too.

  3. Sooo cute!! Laiken wanted to wear a dress too, but her PE days are Mon and Wed this year. You look really really pretty in that picture!

  4. Hope your kids have a great year! I love the tradition of a back to school picture.

  5. It was just the other day that I sent my youngest off to kindergarten, and yesterday she started 4th grade! Yeah, it was kind of sad, but you'll get over it. Alone time rocks!

  6. I dropped off my youngest at high school and they wouldn't let me take pics.. I miss those days. At least I didn't cry in front of the school ;)

  7. Aww, so sweet! You've been blessed with a wonderful family, thanks for sharing!!! Our first day of kindergarten is coming next week, yikes! It'll be my oldest but my youngest's first day of kindergarten will be next year, double yikes! I'm not ready for this. I too feel a flood of mixed of emotions on this.

    Michelle A-Tisket A-Tasket

  8. Hey friend. I'm trying to get back into the groove with my online life. I love how you did the chalkboards for each of the pictures. Your kiddos are gorgeous. Hope all is well with you!