Friday, August 12, 2011

First Haircut and I Didn't Cry

So, as I mentioned, school starts Monday.  This was the week to get everything done.  I've been meaning to cut E's hair all summer.  She's never had a haircut before.  She was NOT excited.  I was not excited. But considering she's got just enough natural curl to tangle easily combined with the fact that she rolls around on the floor with the dog and the boys, I knew it HAD to be done.  If not, I would've had to spend 30 minutes a night combing out this child's hair after a sweaty day on the playground at school.  No thanks!  It was time.

See?  Not happy. 


It's a little shorter than I had in mind, but we had to do it quickly before she made a run for it.  It makes her look so much older.  Now that it's over, I want to cry a little.  So long pretty little curls.  Hello big girl.  Next stop, kindergarten.  I love C's shorter hair though.  Are y'all's girls sporting the feathers too?

Have a great weekend!



  1. Beautiful hair!

    Yes maddie has a feather that pretty much blends with her hair. Love it!

  2. She looks adorable with her shorter hair. I saw a few feathers at open house on Thrusday night. I'll bet I'll see a bunch on the 1st day on Monday.

  3. That picture is a classic. She looks MAD. She is sooo cute, and her hair looks cute shorter too!
    Lots of feathers going on! Laiken's fell out and my aunt is sending my some she got on EBay I think that my cousin Kelsey is doing herself so I am going to replace it myself!

  4. Looks adorable!!!!!

    Michelle A-Tisket A-Tasket

  5. Very cute and I bet it's much easier for you to manage!

  6. gorgeous (long or short) :)
    My son started K today!!!! He had a blast & told us to leave when we dropped him off this morning. Made it so much easier on me :)

  7. I think both cuts look wonderful, and I'll admit that when I saw the title of this I got a little catch in the throat. I was afraid you were going to cut it shorter. I LOVE her curls.

    My girls are older so they are both pretty straight with the cuts. Miss Whimsy always sports bangs of some sort. It's a forehand and eyebrow thing. You know...