Thursday, January 26, 2012

Getting To Know You Thursday.......I Am A Pajama Girl

So, the thing is, I am a pajama girl.  I love my jammies!  When I say I love my pajamas, I don't mean that I love them so much that I wear them out in public.  I have seen tons of young girls, and some not so young, that proudly wear their pajamas to Wal-Mart.

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Oh my word!  Really?  I didn't even like to take my kids to Wal-Mart first thing in the morning in their jammies.  I'm sure not going to be guilty of doing it myself.  No way, Hosea!  Anyway, I am slightly addicted to my flannel jammies. 

No, not that kind!  More like this:

I also have plaid and polka dots and some with unicorns too.  I'm a little pajama obsessed.  I know some people who get up early, get ready, get dressed and stay that way until it's time to go to bed.  Some people even wear their shoes all day, in the house.  I put my shoes on about ten seconds before I leave the house and they come off right when I walk in the door.  I am definitely NOT a stay dressed all day kind of girl, at least not when I am at home.

My favorite Friday night thing to do is to get Mexican food (tacos, rice and beans and white cheese dip and salsa), get in my jammies and watch movies with my Hubby on the couch while eating my fabulous Mexican food.  What else do I love?  Sleepy, rainy days on the couch, in my jammies, with my Hubby, in my jammies and watching movies.  It seems like most of my favorite activities involve me in my pajamas. 

Even my television BFF, Tori Spelling, loves her pajamas.  Yes, she has a fabulous wardrobe, but if you watch her hour long show, you will see her and her Hubby piled up in bed with Tori in her jammies.  Tori and I have so much in common.  Hee Hee. 

So, what about you?  Do you come home and immediately change in to your jammies or are you a stay dressed in your clothes until bedtime kind of girl?  Yes, I am aware that this is a strange topic, but what can I say?  I am a nosy girl.  Okay, so maybe I just want to think that I'm not the only pajama obsessed girl in the world. 



  1. I really had to think on this one. I am a sweaty Betty so I can't do flannel. But I love summer pjs and a t-shirt. So, in the spring/summer, yes I will change into my pjs. But right now, I just stay in my regular clothes.

    But I am a fan of movies in my bed!!-- and Mexican, of course.

  2. Right off the bat, we have a lot in common. When I'm home and have nothing major on the agenda, you'll find me in my warm robe and house shoes most of the day. I just can't seem to part with the comfiness! When we go out and come back home, I, usually, slip into my workout pants and a loose sweatshirt. Feels so GOOD! I mean, I'm not out to impress anyone, you know?

  3. As soon as I get home, the clothes fly off! I hate wearing street clothes in the house. I don't get dressed until right before I have to go somewhere either. I love nothing more than laying on the couch watching movies in my jammies!!!! I have noticed laiken doing this too. Usually as soon as we get hone, she comes out of her room in her pajamas;)

  4. I am the ultimate PJ girl! In college, everyone made fun of me because I would change my pants even if it was only for 30 minutes between classes. I was looking at old photos from college this week and, of course, I'm wearing pajama pants in almost every single photo that wasn't taken at a bar! The first thing I do when I get home is change into comfy clothes. Love them!

  5. I am NOT a get dressed first thing and stay dressed kind of girl. I sleep in PJ bottoms and a T shirt, or sometimes yoga pants and shirt. I totally don't change out of them until I have to get ready to go somewhere. And once I'm home for the evening - the regular clothes come off again! And back to the sleep-wear. Also, we are SO the same about shoes. Sometimes I don't even put them on when I have to drive my kids somewhere, if I'm not getting out of the car. And if it's not winter.

  6. pajamas and socks! and my hair in a scrunchie. (and....yes, I'll say it...screw that stupid bra.)

  7. I love my 'apartment pants' - remember from Friends??
    They are really big comfy cotton pants that I could wear every single day!!!

  8. I used to be a pj girl. Now it's just comfy pants and a comfy tee or long sleeve tee depending on the weather. In any event I LOVE comfy wear! But I'm with you it's for home not out and about;-)

  9. I came here earlier, but I knew it didn't post. Ugh.

    Basically, I'm a big jammie girl. If I could, I would probably wear mine all day. I don't though. (often...)

    But I DO put them on really early in the evening. In fact, I'm about to put them on in a few minutes. I like pajama pants in flannel or cotton and either a cami or a solid pull over PJ top. (In other words, I don't like nightgowns or those button up pajama tops. They make me feel fat because of my big old bosom.)

  10. Wow, what a great topic! I LOVE coming home from work and putting on my jammies, leggings and a big sweatshirt. Nothing says home like putting on the jam jams. It is totally a pet peeve of mine, though, when people wear them out and about. Especially flannel, for some reason. I just definitely feel like that is an "inside" attire.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!