Thursday, January 5, 2012

Playing Catch Up and Hoping to Lose It!

So, it's barely 2012 and I feel as if I am already behind.  The kids FINALLY went back to school yesterday (Happy dance!).  I spent all day yesterday and today (so far) catching up on the stuff I cannot do when the kids are home.  You see, taking four kids to the grocery store is my version of being waterboarded!  It is sheer torture.  It's bad enough with the two big kids fighting over which side of the cart they are going to be on and the little one whining and throwing stuff in the cart (that kid has the longest arms!), but throw in the 7 year old autistic kid who screams and squeals the entire time we're in the store, and it is just unbearable!  When we were in Wal-Mart before Christmas, L's computer lab teacher came up to me and said, "I was on the other side of the store and I heard a familiar squeal and I knew it was L".  UGH! 

In other FFB news, I am fat.  There!  I said it.  I'm a fatty.  How do I know I am a fatty?  Well, I've seen myself naked (Yikes!  Who is that fat chick living in my bathroom mirror?) and I've seen pictures of myself.  I mean seriously people, I knew I was chunky, but when I saw me sitting in our Christmas picture, it looked like someone else was in my jeans WITH me.  Gaawlee!  So, as if that wasn't enough, see the chart below. 

Height Weight Chart for Women

4' 10" 102-111 109-121 118-131
4' 11" 103-113 111-123 120-134
5' 0" 104-115 113-126 122-137
5' 1" 106-118 115-129 125-140
5' 2" 108-121 118-132 128-143
5' 3" 111-124 121-135 131-147
5' 4" 114-127 124-138 134-151
5' 5" 117-130 127-141 137-155
5' 6" 120-133 130-144 140-159
5' 7" 123-136 133-147 143-163
5' 8" 126-139 136-150 146-167
5' 9" 129-142 139-153 149-170
5' 10" 132-145 142-156 152-173
5' 11" 135-148 145-159 155-176
6' 0" 138-151 148-162 158-179
Weights are for women at ages 25-59 based on lowest mortality. Weight in pounds according to frame (in indoor clothing weighing 3 lbs.; shoes with 1" heels)

Okay, I hate this chart.  I am 5'4"  (okay, I am 5'3 and 3/4" if you want to get technical) but then it comes down to frame size.  How do you know if you are small, medium or large frame?  Well, I am a HAUS (Bonanza reference) so I pretty much figured that I was a large frame.  I always heard to go by your wrist size.  I can wrap my middle finger and thumb around my sister's wrist and have room.  I can't even get my finger and thumb around my wrist.  They don't even touch.  But, I figured that wasn't technical enough so I found another chart.

Female Wrist Measurements

Height less than 5' 2"
(Less than 155cms)
Height 5' 2" - 5' 5"
(155cms - 163cms)
Height more than 5' 5"
(More than 163cms)
Small Less than 5.5"
Less than 6.0"
Less than 6.25"
Medium 5.5" - 5.75"
(140 - 146mm)
6" - 6.25"
(152 - 159mms)
6.25" - 6.5"
(159 - 165mm)
Large More than 5.75"
More than 6.25"
More than 6.5"

Again, I am 5'4" (almost) and my wrist measurement is 6.75".  See!  I told you I was a Haus!  So, I'm back on Livestrong and so far so good.  I'm not having too much trouble sticking to my diet YET.  As I mentioned a few weeks ago, my gym sold out and was closed for remodeling so I haven't been in MONTHS!  So, Hubby and I are going in less than an hour.  They reopened in December, but I was working and they don't have a nursery so no kids.  This is the first opportunity I have had to go and I am so excited!  I'm ready to get back at it.  But, I do have one complaint already.  They don't have Zumba anymore.  I loved my Zumba class.  I've thought about buying it for Wii.  Has anybody tried it? 

So, as usual my ultimate goal is not to look like this

BUT, I'd love to look like this again:

Us, eleven years and three kids ago (and with hair for Hubby).

BUT, as much as I would love to be this thin again, I was still barely in my range according to the chart.  I'm much older and less willing to starve myself now.  BUT, I don't have to be a fatty.  I'm off to the gym y'all!  Have a great day!

One more thing...why is it that on the days I am going to the gym, I have really good hair days?  Is that ironic or what?  My hair hasn't looked this good in months  and now I have to put it in a ponytail and go get sweaty and frizzy.  Hate that!  Oh well! 



  1. I love that photo of you and your husband! Y'all look SO young--I guess because you were young! Of course, you're still young. But life gets complicated, doesn't it? So we eat a little more--and then we have to diet. Oh, well. Good luck! I hope you get the results you want. And with good hair, at least you'll look great at the gym! :)

  2. Good luck! I need to trim down, too. Had the same experience -- a frightening body profile Christmas picture. I'm blaming baggy pants for the size of the rear, but that doesn't explain the problem in the front! Hope we both stick with it this year!

  3. I think the holidays wreak havoc on all of us. You'll get there, Tanya...I have no doubts, at all! Just stay focused and keep the faith, CAN do it!

  4. Oh, I am right there with you. I feel like I am almost at the point of recovery from the holidays. My kids went back to school this week and I've had SO much to catch up on. I'm hoping to get back to my blog at some point too. I just had to put it on the back burner for a few weeks.
    I have had a recent similar experience of shocking myself over what I look like right now. I've become a fatty too and I hate it. Plus, this year I turn the big 40 and I really want to be healthier by the time that day rolls around. I may not get back to where I was when I got married but if I can shed some pounds and inches and get healthier I will be very happy.
    I am trying to make good food choices and need to start excercising again. And I've started drinking lots of water too. It's only been a couple of days but it's going ok so far. I've wondered about the Wii Zumba too. Last night I played Just Dance 3 with my kids and that was a fun way to get moving :)
    Have fun at the gym!
    Hope we both stick with it and look amazing very soon ;)

  5. Good luck! I'm starting my own weight loss venture too. I'm seriously considering starting to work with a fellow mommy personal trainer to get my butt in gear. We'll have to check in on each other from time to time and share what's been working.

  6. I'm trying not look at myself in the mirror...maybe if I can get my fatness under control soon enough, the next time I look it won't be so scary!

  7. I'm chuckling only because I relate! I hate those size charts. I've just decided to pretend I'm 6'4'' with a large frame. There. That solves it.

    Seriously, I am trying to get to a weight that's comfortable for me and just maintain it. My problem is that I always go lower than I can maintain. Then, I gain it AND SOME back because, as I said, I can't maintain it. UGH.

    So, I'm looking for moderation.

    And the hair day thing works with me and my power walk the same way. It ticks me off.

    Good luck, Haus!!

  8. Losing weight is SO hard - but you can do it! Exercise is my nemesis - always feel great after I do it, but making myself do it is still so hard! I got Zumba for Wii for Christmas, and I'm kind of undecided as to whether I like it or not. Some of the routines are the same as in class, but class is way more fun. Probably b/c I'm not the only one laughing. :)

  9. First, I LOVE that picture of you 2! Sooo summery and pretty!

    I too am a fatty. Ugh. Soooo over it. I have never zumba'd? I always hear how great it is though!

    Good luck...I know you can do it! And me too!!

  10. Um. Excuse me.
    Get your fine behind out of the gym and back to blog land. At least your fingers will get a workout. Just sayin'...