Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mod Peasant

Now that Christmas is over, E is clothes poor.  She had a few things to wear that were Halloween themed, then came the turkey shirt and the Christmas outfits.  She was in desperate need of a few things with long sleeves and no holiday theme.  So, I got out all of my hoarded fabric and let her pick what she wanted.  This is the fabric she picked:

Oh, how I love me some Jennifer Paganelli!  The color is fabulous!  She wanted a dress and a skirt, but I talked her into just a dress.

I hate that goofy smile where she turns her lip under.  ugh!

That's a little better.  I just love that dress with those boots.  It's kind of mod, isn't it? 

Okay, so one outfit down, several to go. 



  1. Very cute! Love the way you laid it out with the larger part of the fabric pattern.

  2. Can she get any cuter?? Love both the style of the dress and the fabric you used. I'm sure thatcher teachers will love this outfit, too,

  3. That is so adorable! She looks darling! The whole outfit is fantastic - will you make me one?

    Oh, wait - I guess I probably couldn't pull it off with this body. Dang.

  4. What a cutie pie! You really know how to do her up right!

  5. Aww...she looks like a little model! That dress...does it come in my size? ;)

  6. serious cuteness. i really love the dress.

    i followed you over from Xazmin's cute blog!

  7. oh my! It's getting eery how much we are alike!! I just today got out all my fabric and started making some things!!

    This is a cute dress....I may have to try. Do you have a pattern? Is this basically a long sleeved peasant dress??

  8. I love that dress, and the way your little fashion model looks in it with the boots is precious.

    At first, I thought you had written "horrid fabric". I didn't get it because I loved the pattern. Then, I reread and saw "hoarded fabric". That made sense.

    I guess I need better glasses now too.
    It's always something.

  9. What an adorable dress!! And she's so stylish with those boots!