Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Festivities

Did everyone have a good Valentine's Day?  Valentine's is not a HUGE deal at our house.  I do not expect flowers and presents, etc.  I do not expect a date, although I did just have a weekend away with my Hubby so my date was kind of all weekend long this year. 

Because I wasn't working today, I decided that I would get up early and cook a good breakfast for my family for Valentine's Day.  I made bacon (fried in the pan, NOT microwaved), scrambled eggs and my favorite buttermilk pancakes with pecans added for Hubby.  So, were my kiddos excited?  Well, my little one got up and said, "Um, no......I want a muffin please."  WHAT?!?  You want a Little Debbie muffin over real breakfast?  ugh!  KIDS!  And, I'm mean, so I totally made her eat eggs, bacon and pancakes. 

This is what the kids found at their place at the table this morning.  Valentine's plates and cups filled with candy.  All but L's were filled with chocolate.  L doesn't like chocolate (I still can't believe he's mine and doesn't eat chocolate - WEIRD!).  The gift bags were from my mom.  They were filled with treats too. 

It was a day filled with field trips and school parties and Valentine's crafts.

Tonight I decided to make one of our favorite dinners.  You see, the first meal Hubby ever cooked for me was Chicken Fettucine Alfredo.  He also made it for me the night he proposed.  So, I thought I would make it for him for Valentine's Day.  MMMM!  Throw in a salad and you've got a great meal!  Seriously, you must try it.  You will NEVER eat it at a restaurant again.  Homemade is soooo much better!

Well, it's almost time to put the kids to bed.  Then Hubby and I can have dessert.  I have chocolate covered strawberries in the fridge, hidden from the kids.  Happy Valentine's Day to us!

So, what did y'all do today?  Anything special?



  1. Nothing major going on here.... same ole! :)

    My husband is a fan of the chicken alfredo stuff. HA-- I say "stuff" because I have never tried it! I may need to invest.

    You are making me look bad... I gave the kids a banana and we ate lunch early. lol

  2. Me? I cried over spilled coffee.

    No, not really. I was just blessed to have the husband stay in town an extra day to spend it with me. It meant a lot to me. He had to get up before the crack of dawn this morning and out of the house because of it.

    He left a clunky old laptop which belongs to the office set up in there for me to at least attempt to check blogs and emails. It's so tiny and small that I can't even see an entire blog page at one time so I'm thinking I won't be spending too much time on it.

    But I wanted to say HELLO and Happy Valentines Day!
    I think what you did for the family was so sweet. I giggled about the preference to Little Debbie muffins. Hey... what can I say? When you call them Little Debbies, they are bound to be first choice.

    Just sayin'...

  3. Sounds fun! That's so sweet that he cooked dinner for you!

    We didn't do anything too exciting, but I baked a cake for Hubby and he spent 2 hours last night crafting the cutest card "written" by the baby complete with spelling errors like a child wrote it. I cried when I saw it!

  4. Had to laugh at the "mean" mom who made her child eat a wonderful homemade breakfast! I'd say you made it a pretty special day!

  5. Well, what a sweet Valentine's Day you had! That dinner sure sounds GOOD! We didn't do anything special...unless you count lunch out to Chick Fil-A! :)

  6. You're such a good mom! I also would have made my child eat the breakfast I had prepared - it's not mean!!

    But looks like a fabulous day for everyone - I love the heart dishes!