Thursday, September 2, 2010

Getting To Know You Thursday...What is Your Favorite Feature

While I was watching the Emmy's the other night, I kept noticing how certain dresses really highlighted the wearer's features.  Accentuate the positive. 

This is Halle Berry.  She has fabulous arms and shoulders.  She almost always wears sleeveless.  Let's just go ahead and state the obvious.  She's got a killer body!  She's thin and muscular, has great cleavage, legs, abs and a gorgeous face.  Now, if I am ever in a restaurant in Hollywood (jetsetter that I am) and run into Halle, let's just say I'm not going to be clammoring to get my photo made with her.  I look okay in photos with normal people.  I would look like Nannie McPhee in a photo with her.  Just sayin.  It's not gonna happen.  Anyway, she knows what to wear to accentuate the positive.  Of course, when you look like her, there may not be a negative to avoid.  Maybe she has ugly feet.  Let's hope. 

Look it's Halle and me (Nannie McPhee).  See what I mean?

Now take Jennifer Aniston.  She sported "The Rachel" in the 90's.  Now she is known for her sleek, shiny hair.  I won't be clammoring to get my picture made with her either.  She's gorgeous, but it does make me feel a little better that she has man hands.  Just sayin. 

This is Marissa Winokur.  It's hard to see her in this picture, but I picked it because she's wearing a bikini.  That sounds weird, but let me explain.  Ya see, Marissa is seen as a "normal" type in the acting world.  She is a normal size girl, not a size 0-2.  I love how she is showing her assets (gorgeous hair and well, boobs and a flat stomach) but I think the skirt on her swimsuit is probably hiding her hips a little.  Great example of camoflauging what you may consider your problem area.  Isn't she gorgeous?

I want to know what your favorite thing is about you?  What do you show off and what do you camoflauge and how?

What do I love about myself?  Hmmmm!  When I was younger, I would've had a problem finding anything I liked.  Now that I'm older, I guess it would be two things: 

1.  My hair.  I have long, thick wavy hair.  It's kind of what I've always been known for.  When I was little I had auburn ringlets.  When I was in high school, I was often called "The Lion" for my thick, course hair.  I didn't always love it.  We have kind of a love/hate relationship, actually.  One of my mom's friends (I use the term loosely) told her I looked like a "wet dog" - sooo not nice!  But, as I've gotten older, I've grown to like it.  Sometimes I like it because I don't have to spend hours "doing" my hair.  I'm lazy and I don't want to spend hours blowing our my hair and flat ironing it or curling it either.  I cut it off once when "L" was little and I hated it because I looked like every other mom I knew AND it took forever to fix.  I hate that.  So, now I like my curls.

2.  My butt.  I like that I actually have a butt to fill up my jeans.  I like my junk in the trunk.  Granted, right now I've got a little toooo much junk, but I like that even when I'm thin, I have a little something to fill up the back of my jeans.  Okay, a lot of something to fill up the back of my jeans. 

What do I camoflauge?  My shoulders, or lack therof.  I have mentioned before that I am built like a big ole pear.  I am trying to build up my shoulders by lifting weights, but it's a slow process.  I wear a lot of halter style tops when I go sleeveless so that I it gives the illusion of shoulders.  The more skin that is showing on the shoulder, the more it looks as if I actually have shoulders. 

So, that's it for me.  Now tell me yours.  What do you love?  What do you camoflauge? 

And, just so you know.  I do not mean this post to be a big 'ole brag fest.  I do, however, believe there is something beautiful about every person.  You may have beautiful eyes or really cute feet (seriously - I know a girl with the cutest feet!).  I wanna know.  It's a good way to make yourself find the positive.  We are too good at finding the negative in ourselves.  I wanna hear positive things ladies!!



  1. Good post! And this came at a good time because I've been feeling down about this the last few weeks and I don't feel comfortable in my body anymore...

    My favorite feature was my stomach until a few weeks ago. I worked SO hard to get a flat stomach and kept it for almost 2 years. Now that it's slowly going away, I'd have to say my arms because I also work on those a lot. Now I'm trying to do everything I can to hide the fact that my abs are so longer "magic abs" as I called them.

  2. great post!! Love 'junk in the trunk'...jealous of that!
    My fave feature used to be my hair - when I had time to 'do' it!! It's long, wavy and thick (now it just spends most of it's time in a ponytail tied on the top of my head).
    Now I'd say it's my arms..after carrying around kids for ~4 years..the are strong (and don't look too shabby)

  3. What a good idea for a post, Tanya!

    I'm like you in that my hair is one of my best features. It's incredibly thick and is still a great color. I say "still" because it's slowly but surely turning white. UGH. But it's mostly still auburn, and I'm going to hold off coloring it for as long as I possibly can! I've never had it colored, so I dread starting that.

    As far as my body is concerned, I've always been pretty hard on myself. I don't know if you've read any of my posts about my birthmark (I have a huge birthmark that covers most of the right side of my body, especially my right leg). But I guess I'm most happy with the fact that I'm pretty fit and have sort of an hourglass shape. My hips are slightly smaller than my shoulders, actually, which is convenient. I'm pretty curvy, and that's what my husband likes, so it works for us! If only I could have long legs to go along with the curves. Oh, well.

    Thanks for asking us to think about the positive! :)

  4. I am really happy with my facial structure. My stomach, however, could use some work.

  5. What a nice, positive post! :) My eyes are a cool color, and when I do stuff with it, my hair is actually kind of pretty. :)

  6. Well, Tanya, I'm just a raving beauty. I accentuate EVERYTHING about myself. The hair! The eyes! The body! The honesty!

    Seriously, hmmm... when I was younger, people liked my hair. As I recall, it was a pretty shade of blonde. I pretty much like my eyes and cheekbones. And others have always liked my cleavage. (Rolling my eyes)

    Camouflage? My butt/gut area. And those dark circles. And the chicken lips.

    I always wanted hair like yours!

  7. My husband always liked my butt and eyes (unusual color-blue/green), so I guess that would be the positive.

    The negative...lots IMO...but mostly the breasts (lack of). Can you believe Debbie (previous comment) and I could be sisters? Go figure.

  8. anymore I just look for a big burlap bag to hide in...I will say that at one time in my life my 60 inch chest and 36 inch waist drove women wild....oh those were the days my friend!

  9. I have a great personality filled with humor I find in everything. So there ya go. Great photo Of nanny there, jist love her.

  10. First, thank you for stopping by my little blog space and saying hello!
    Second, try the shirring - its way easy and you'll be so proud of yourself once you do it!
    Third, I think it's awesome that you wrote this post! We all need to think about the positive things we like about ourselves every once in a while.
    Fourth, I show off my freckles and hide my thighs!
    Fifth - happy Saturday!