Friday, September 24, 2010

I Just Don't Get It

I've spoken of my love for TV quite a few times.  I love my TV.  My mom said that when I was little, I would leave during the show and come back only for the commercials.  I would memorize the little tunes and sing them constantly.  I thought about going into advertising, but I didn't think I was cut-throat enough to make a career out of it.  Anyway, have you ever been sitting on the couch, enjoying your episode of Castle or Gray's Anatomy, or Big Bang Theory and all of a sudden a commercial comes on that is just plain mind boggling.  How do people come up with this stuff?  I just wanted to share my view on two commercials that I just don't get.

 This is a commercial for Acqua Di Gio by Georgio Armani.  I just don't get it.  Please someone tell me why this poor chick is wandering alone in the rainforest?  Did her plane crash?  Was she supposed to be on Lost and got lost?  I get the connection of all the water and the "acqua" in the name of the perfume, but who is this commercial targeting?  Are there women who wander around in long maxi dresses in the rainforest that I don't know about?  I, for one, have never wallered around on the floor of the rainforest - there are snakes and scary bugs there people.  Also, she's rubbing leaves and flowers all over her half naked self.  Is there some handsome doctor in the next scene who is going to rub Calomine all over her from the poison ivy and other scary things she may get from those leaves?  Is this wandering through the rainforest a pastime that I was not aware of?  And what's with the rolling around in the water on the beach?

This is the scene from the movie From Here to Eternity.  This rolling around in the water, I get.  A man and a woman passionately kissing while the waves overtake them - that I get.  Rolling around by yourself in the water, not so much.  Not even to mention, those waves stir up lots of sand and you end up dirty in places that tend to be a little...irritating, to say the least.  Not that I would necessarily know from experience.  (blushing)

One more commercial that I just don't get is the Cialis commercial.  I couldn't find a video of it anywhere.  It's the one where the couple starts out in the kitchen, loading the dishwasher and then all of the kitchen walls disappear and they end up in the forest (what is it with the forest?) and I think eventually in bathtubs. 

First of all, I have never, EVER been loading the dishwasher and got, shall we say...romantic inclinations.  Never.  Ever.  Now, a better scenario might have been, him loading the dishwasher, while she was lounging in another room or something, maybe reading a good book.  Is it the dishwasher that is turning her on?  Do I need a new dishwasher?  I don't get it. 

Second, all the walls fall down and suddenly they are in the forest sitting on a rock.  WHAT?  What is it with the forest????  Then, all of a sudden, they are in seperate bathtubs on the deck, looking out guessed it, the forest.  Seriously?  Not even to mention they are in seperate bathtubs.  Wouldn't they be in the same bathtub?  Is this supposed to be after their little tryst or before?    It's all very confusing for me.  I don't get it.  I'm not expecting either of these commercials to win a Cleo award anytime soon.   

Is it just me or am I the only one who thinks of these things while watching commercials?



  1. Oh girl! I totally agree with you!!! I believe the rain forest girl is directed at men. It's a fantasy situation and he might buy the perfume for his woman based on that fantasy. And I have NEVER understood the separate tubs in the Cialis commercial. And I don't believe a woman would get in the mood by painting the wall, or doing the dishes. Most of the commercials are awful in my opinion.

  2. You just made me laugh and laugh and laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whooops... there I go again. This is so funny and so true. I saw that commercial with the lost forest lady and asked my husband the same thing. What in the world is THAT all about?

    Tanya, you just made my morning!

  3. hahaha.
    I think that about commercials too. Luckily, we have dvr so I can fast forward if I need to.
    I did see a Quiznos commercial last night with singing kittens - it was just awful. Screechy, weird and disturbing (I'm not a fan of animals dressed up to look like people). I'll never forget that it's a Quiznos commercial, so I guess the ad worked :)

  4. LOL LOL You had me cracking up! Thank you for such a wonderful laugh this morning. Your description of the Cialis commercial is hysterical to say the least! I don't get the must be a male thing. Now my hubby gets turned on when I am doing the dishes..(blush)...we are still newly weds. Watching him do the dishes for me...a great turn on...but the dishwasher thing I don't get either...but your description is a riot!

    Thanks for the chuckle!

  5. LOL I can't see the perfume commercial. It sounds like since it's for women, they're trying to show women how sexy they'll be wearing this perfume. Other than that I don't know unless being lost in a rainforest is sexy to somebody all I can think about are the bugs & animals out there to eat me lol I don't know about the cialis commercial since I don't get to see American commercials. But I miss the meet Bob. meet Bob's wife & they're both so happy that he needs enhancement drugs commercials lol I loved the guy that was deep in debt & trying to keep up his profile & he's riding the lawn mower & says somebody help me hehe. But man oh man wanna talk about commercials you just don't get? Try looking at British, German or Polish commercials- those are some super freaky weird folks. Here is one of my 3 yr old's favorite commercials. I tried to find it in English but I think it would still just be weird lol It's an online shoe store commercial by the way.

  6. LOL...that truly IS funny. I'm so with you....I am way too practical to think that any of that is romantic. I'm not even into the whole rolling around in the sand idea - even with my husband. I HATE sand. I live in So. Cal. and I don't even like going to the beach (I know, it's sad) because the sand gets into every area of your that wouldn't be fun rolling around with hubby, to me!

  7. LOL!!! After some time I figured out the bath tubs. Afterwards they have to soak their aching muscles! Calgon take me away! The girl in the lost forest...if she's wearing this perfume and she's acting all turned on...what's in that perfume? My dog finds ah spot in the grass which delights him and he gets on his back to roll around on that spot lol! I think the forest gets to the rugged hunter or something. Ya well, who are they targeting? Perverts ha haaa!!!

  8. Oh, definitely. I sometimes wonder how they got paid to come up with that junk. I used to memorize commercials and "perform" them in the mall when I was little. ;)

  9. My answer is Tivo! I don't watch the commercials anymore. I hardly watch live tv but I can tell you that I am missing my dvr right now. I will be glad to have a house so that I have Directv again.

  10. Okay, that was funny! I don't get it either. I think anything with a scantily-clad woman is aimed at men, pretty much. The bathtubs I've never understood.