Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Memories 2010

Well, it's now a few days after Christmas and things are starting to get back to normal, well, our normal anyway.  We had a wonderful, semi-relaxing few days together.  Everyone's schedules were a little off kilter this year so we opted to change our celebration schedule.  We went to Hubby's dad's house in Dallas a few weeks ago and celebrated there.  The kids had a great time with their grandparent's.  I'll tell ya more about our trip there later, but did want to share our one family picture that was taken during the Christmas season. 

Hmmmmm.....not great.  Obviously, we didn't send out Christmas cards this year. 

Christmas Eve was pretty fun.  My oldest daughter was at her dad's so the rest of us hung out and tracked Santa on NORAD and watched White Christmas.  The plan was to sleep as late as the kids would let us Christmas morning because is this the first year I remember when we had no specific place to be on Christmas Day.  So, I fully expected the kids to wake us up at the crack of dawn, but instead it was the doorbell that woke us up at 7:30.  I got up and peeked out the window to see two policemen standing at my door.  When the cops wake you up first thing in the morning, it can't be good news, right?  "What's wrong?" I asked as I opened the door.  He explained that apparently someone had taken out our mailbox.  The neighbor, who shares our bricked formation, had called to report it. 

Nice, huh?  Merry Christmas to me! 

Anyway, we spent the morning letting the kids open their presents and playing.  We spent the whole day in our jammies.  We did go over to visit my MIL for a few hours, but we went in our jammies.  I love pajama days!

The morning after Christmas, my daugher came home and we all left to go to my mom and dad's house for Christmas with them.  Mom made a ham and we brought a turkey to fry.  The kids were playing, the girls were in the kitchen and the men were in charge of the turkey.  Hubby had injected and seasoned it and it was ready to go.  Only problem was, there was a little problem with the turkey fryer.  It wouldn't get hot enough so they finally decided to put the big pot of oil on the grill.  It took a little while, actually a long while, but the turkey finally got done about the time everyone was finished eating.  Luckily, my mom had a ham cooked too.  YAY Mom!  The food was delicious! 

The kids were semi patient while waiting to open their presents. 

Everyone has a great time opening their presents, me included.  My parents got Hubby and I a wonderful gift......a trip for two to our favorite getaway cabin for two.  No kids allowed!  I was so excited that I cried. 

Why, yes, that is a huge jacuzzi tub in the corner of the cabin over looking the lake.  GORGEOUS! 

So, how was your Christmas? 

**I apologize in advance for my lack of blogging the next week or so.  My kids are all home until the 6th, which means my days will be filled with the joys of motherhood, ya know things like breaking up arguments, filling cups, making snacks, playing their new games, making reservatuions at the crazy house, begging them to take a nap every once in awhile, doing laundry, stuff like that.  Ah, motherhood.  Gotta love it!



  1. I'm glad that you had such a nice Christmas. When do you take your trip for two with no kids allowed??

  2. Looks like fun...your Christmas AND the cabin!!
    So jealous of the 'no kids allowed' trip :)

  3. So envious of your special gift!!! What thoughtful parents you have. :) To answer your question, yes, I did do N and M's hair (and brushed teeth and washed faces) before they came downstairs. I knew if I didn't do it before, there'd be no chance of it before we'd have to go to his parents' house. :s

  4. Let's get the ugly out of the way first - bummer on the mailbox. Police at my door would scare me out of a few years of life.

    Everything after that was wonderful. How cool that you traveled in pj's - love that!

    What a neat gift to the cabin. That is so sweet. I know y'all need the getaway and I'm glad you get to take one.

    Enjoy your week!

  5. All the best for the new year and thanks for the visits .. nick