Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I Like A Little Zebra With My Christmas Print

Good morning bloggy friends.  As I may have mentioned, I've spent the last month sewing almost constantly getting orders ready and getting stuff made for the craft show from a few weeks ago.  I should be finished with my orders today.  Ten days turnaround.  That's not too bad, is it?  Anyway, I made most of the girly stuff with E in mind.  This is one of my favorites and I'm kind of glad it didn't sell so she can keep it.  Wanna see?

We all know that I am obsessed with polka dots and zebra right?  So, I  just couldn't resist putting them together with this ornament print.  Of course, I could've used the $$ from selling it, but I'm so glad E gets to wear it!!!  Even better, it's a little big so hopefully she'll get two years wear out of it.  I loooooove that!

Here is one with her big ole over the top bows.

She ended up with three Christmas outfits for this year.  I'm a little obsessed with Christmas outfits.  The funniest thing is, she'll be dressed up with matching bows and cute shoes  and a ruffly outfit and I'll be in jeans, tennis shoes, sweatshirt and no makeup.  That's how we roll.  I'm waiting for the day a cop comes up to me to see if I might have kidnapped her.  I can hear the conversation between the security folks at the mall.

 "See that hobo looking lady in the sweatshirt?"
"Yeah, what about her?"
"Did you see the kid with her?"
"Yeah.  They don't go together at all.  The kids all dressed up and that lady looks, well, horrible.  We better call the cops and check for Amber alerts."

So, if you run into us at the mall, she is mine and I didn't kidnap her.  Am I the only one who has this problem?  Have a great day everyone!!

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  1. Once again you have created a masterpiece.... and the outfit is cute too!

  2. Love Love Love that outfit!!!

    I'm in awe of your sewing skills!!

  3. Love the outfit...and regarding you...I can't imagine you looking like a hobo, dear friend. But it sounds like you need to treat yourself like the gift you are. YOU are special too. And you are just as adorable as she is, I am sure of it! :D


    Mary Joy

    PS...I am starting the December Bible Study series today...I'd love to hear your thoughts on the study we are embarking on! :D

  4. So cute! Your smile makes up for the sweats!!!

  5. Can she get any cuter?? I love her outfit!

  6. First, SHE is adorable. She looks just like you so there would be no mistaking you for the Hobo Kidnapper.

    Second, I LOVE the outfit and clicked to see it bigger because it's adorable.

    and Third, I relate to the hobo mom thing, though. I was the same way. It's all about the hair bows and cutesy outfits in Debbie Land.

  7. Love the outfit and I'm the exact same way with my daughter. She'll be all decked out with matching everything and I'm in the Old Navy sweatshirt with 10 year old jeans. Stylin!

  8. Adorable.......and even though you might be in jeans and a sweatshirt, your personality is masking that! :D
    Suzanne're just too funny!

  9. So cute! I would love for you to link this up to our Sassy Christmas party- Christmas with FABRIC! :)

  10. This is ADORABLE! Love it!
    You should come link this up to my weekly Thursday Making It With Allie Link Party! I think it would make a Fabulous addition!

  11. Hilarious!! I have felt that way on multiple occasions when out with my girls. ;) She looks adorable! Thanks for linking up, friend!

  12. Perfect for the holidays, and it looks like she loves it. I'd love if you linked this great holiday outfit up to my Hip for the Holidays link party.

    I've been celebrating Holiday apparel all week, feel free to check out past projects and link up any other related projects as well.

  13. Totally adorable outfit!

    I pick up my little girl on the days she goes to daycare and I am working, and I feel bad because we are the opposite. I'm dressed up in business clothes and I sent her to school in playclothes, which at the end of the day may have food, paint, unknown whatever on them! Ah well, at least she looks like she had fun!

  14. How cute! Zebra goes with Christmas perfectly :).