Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Husband Is Going To Be So Proud Of Me!

I'm sure in most homes, the title of my blog post today would be followed by some awesome thing that the writer had accomplished.  Ya know, something important like finding the cure to cancer or writing a book or getting a big promotion.  At my house, it means I finally cleaned out the freezer.  He's been asking me to do it for a year or more.  Sad, but true. 

For those of you who know me, you know that I am not now, nor have I ever been a Neat Nellie (that gene skipped me).  I'm actually just a bit of a slob.  No, I'm not a hoarder. 

YIKES!  Even I'm not that bad.  Photo from Google Images.  Bless her heart!

Amanda said at the beginning of the year that we need love our homes.  In an effort to do that, I have been attempting a little organization.  Yesterday it was the pantry.  Today, the freezer.  Are y'all ready for this?

This is what every inch of my freezer looked like this morning - overflowing with stuff.  SCARY!  Wanna see something even worse?

I found this in the bottom of one of the drawers.  The date on that ham is 6/2007.  My mother is cringing right now!  YIKES!  This is why my Hubby has wanted the freezer cleaned out.  I think he was afraid I might accidentally cook something like this and serve it for dinner.  I might be a slob, but I'm not stupid!

Anyway, wanna see it now?

(Sigh)  Isn't that better?  Now I gotta go to the grocery store.  Wanna see how much I got out of the freezer?

I nearly broke my back taking that out to the trash.  Maybe I should've put a note on the trash bag that says "Warning, this trash bag is heavier than it looks.  Lift with your knees dude!"  I wouldn't want the trash guy to sue me when he hurts his back putting this into the truck. 

Okay bloggy peeps, I'm off to the grocery store.  Wanna sneak peek at my new project?

Hopefully it will work out and I can share tomorrow or Monday.  Have a great Thursday!



  1. You are HILARIOUS! We must think an awful lot alike because I cleaned out our freezer a few weeks ago. Seems like I threw out some fish my husband caught on his trip to Canada way back in 2006! Yuck...I KNOW! It really is embarrassing, but, at least, we finally did something about it, right? Now, get to that grocery store and fill up that empty freezer of yours!

  2. You are too funny. Eww, 2007??? My freezer is a constant source of frustration. It's just too small and with an ice maker that takes up an entire shelf area!!! I do not need that much ice:-)

  3. I've had cleanouts like that. :-P Looks good!

  4. Good for you for accomplishing this. Freezers tend to end up being a "black hole" for stuff that you've forgotten that you ever put in there.

    Your project looks intriguing. I can't imagine what you are up to!

  5. My grandma would have made soup with that ham!
    There's no telling what I'd find in my freezer if I cleaned it out.

  6. I'm with you! I need to clean out the freezer too, after the basement, which is after the garage, which is after my room.....

    Sigh...I'm hopeless. I DID clean out the fridge this week though!

  7. I'm in the same boat as you are. I try to be tidy but I just cant. I drive my husband crazy. Im scared to clean out my freezer.

  8. Congrats! Isn't it the best feeling to clean out and get rid of stuff?!?!

    Can't wait to see your project!