Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Shabby Chic Lovliness

So, as you may know, Hubby and I went on a trip to our favorite cabin several weeks ago.  There is a little shop called Something Simple that I've was dying to visit.  It's run by Kaylene, who also owns a lovely little cottage in Eureka Springs where we stayed once before.  This store is located in a beautifully restored cottage.

 Isn't it cute?  It is filled to the brim with shabby chic loveliness.  I just wanted to share a few photos with you.  I apologize to Kaylene for shooting photos in her shop, but I couldn't help myself.  Little did I know she had photos on her website.  You ready for some lovliness?

Love those burlap pillows on the iron garden bench.  So pretty!

Cute stuff on the stair risers going up to the second floor.

Look at that gorgeous mirror to the left of the table and I'm totally in love with the black wire baskets and lantern. 

Cloche.  Gorgeous! 

I actually swiped this photo from the website.  I am so in love with the white mattalese covered chair. 

I love the whole shabby chic way of decorating.  I think it is a beautiful mix of old and new with wonderful textures.  However, I have ZERO of it in my house.  I soooo want a big ole bed covered in white sheets and duvets, etc.  BUT I have a house full of filthy kids and a dog who insist on climbing up in my bed and I don't know if there is enough bleach in the entire world to get out those stains.  But, isn't it lovely and dreamy and peaceful looking? 

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  1. What a gorgeous little shop! :) You should email the owner so she knows you featured her! I love the shabby chic look too, but it doesn't factor in well with messy kids (or husbands). I've been dying to pull out our white bedspread, but I don't trust T. ;)

  2. so lovely. This is exactly the kind of place I could browse in for hours!!!

  3. Yes, it is lovely and dreamy. Don't worry--your kids won't be little and messy for long! :)

  4. First of all...I LOVE Eureka Springs! Haven't had a chance to go back for a good number of years, but it's such a great place to visit! What a fun shop! Yes, all of those items are so pretty. Not so sure I have the "decorating knack" to pull it all together, though.

  5. I love shops like that! It's so fun to dream!

  6. It sounds wonderful, and I love that cloche!

    I love the look too but don't have it either. I just do NOT have the knack, and it frustrates me. Mine always looks shabby but never looks chic.


  7. Cute, cute stuff. I am not so good at decorating but it makes me really appreciate those who are :) I'm so proud of myself, I put a little green-themed centerpiece arrangement in the middle of my kitchen table. (I'm in the St. Patrick's Day mode already.) That's about as coordinated as I can do.

  8. Gorgeous! Love all those vintagey whites!