Monday, January 31, 2011

My Birthday Weekend Trip

As I mentioned Friday, this was the weekend of our much anticipated weekend getaway.  I was pretty bummed about turning 40, but this trip was a great distraction.  I've always said that on my birthday, I don't want to refil anybody's cup, cook anything, change any diapers, have to break up bickering children, and all of the other mundane mom stuff.  This is the first year since I've had kids, that I actually didn't have to do any of that.  Did I miss my kiddos?  Hmmmm...of course I did, but it sure was nice to have some peace and quiet for a few days. 

Our cabin is on Beaver Lake.  It is quiet - no kids or pets. 

This is it before we made it messy because I didn't clean it up all weekend.  Well, obviously I didn't trash it and leave it like that, but it was "lived in" while we were there. 

This was our Saturday morning visitor.

We did a lot of hanging out, eating whatever we wanted (I refuse to get on the scale for at least a week), watching movies, and sleeping.  We also ventured into the town of Eureka Springs for a little window shopping.  Eureka is a "quaint Victorian village" as the tourist brochures say.  It's in the Ozark mountains so there are lots of windy little streets downtown full of little tiny shops and restaurants. 

HOORIBLE picture!  Hubby didn't warn me he was taking it. 

Eureka is full of these little alley ways that lead to tiny restaurants and/or pubs. 

There are lots of beautifully restored Victorian homes.  Many are now B&B's. 

This is the hisoric Cresent Hotel.  It is said to be haunted and there are ghost tours.  Someday I might get brave enough to go one one......maybe.

This is the place I really wanted to visit.  This is where we got married - 10 years ago this Thursday.  Unfortunately, it is only open for wedding this time of year.

Hubby and I downtown. 

and just for fun...

this is Humpty Dumpty who sits on a wall in downtown Eureka. 

We had a wonderful trip and I'm so thankful for my sweet family who took care of my babies while we were away. 



  1. what a fun birthday weekend!! & happy early anniversary too!

  2. Looks like a great get-away!!
    Happy early anniversary too :)

  3. What fun! I want to go to Eureka Springs!!

    Happy birthday, Tanya. Welcome to the 40's!

  4. How fun! I am from Eureka Springs :) Was an awesome place to grow up. H&M will be online sometime in the coming weeks... I didn't get an exact date from my stylist friend. EEE!!! So jealous you were in Fayetteville... I have to do all my Maude shopping via Facebook unless I go see my parents.

  5. Great pic of you two. Glad you had a great weekend. Sounds like you needed a "momCation" one of my favorite words. Welcome to the 40's I love mine. I think is the best time of our lives.

    Hope you got lots of goodies for your special day!

  6. So glad you had a great birthday weekend!!! The 40s are the best yet!!! I love mine. I haven't been to Eureka Springs in years! Will wants to take me sometime. It looks like you have a lot of fun! And by the don't even look close to being 40!!!! You go girl!!

    Enjoy being back with your brood! :D

    Building Home with Him,

    Mary Joy

  7. What a fun (and relaxing!) trip. I love quaint little towns like that and exploring...but T's idea of a "vacation" is to spend it sleeping. :s

  8. That looks amazing Tanya! Sounds so very peaceful!

  9. Have a wonderful trip....sounds like so much fun

  10. It sounds EXACTLY like the kind of place I'd like to visit.

    And btw, that is not a horrible picture at all. Someday you're going to be an old geezer like me, pushing 50 and think, "Man, wasn't I a hottie in that picture... "

  11. Sounds like a great trip. I would really love to return to Eureka some time. It's a beautiful area.
    Honestly Tanya, you look AWESOME for 40. I would love to look at good as you do. Unfortunately I look my age these days....