Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Valentine's Day Sewn Framed Art

Hello bloggy friends.  Boy, time flies when you're almost 40.  Valentine's Day snuck up on me...again.  I've been seeing some really cute crafty stuff floating around on everyone's blogs and I finally decided I needed to get something cute made up before Valentine's Day is OVER.  Since my sewing machine is sort of fixed, I decided to try my hand at something new.  I wanted something out of the quote, "All you need is love" or what that be considred a lyric?  Either way, I wanted the "All you need is....." printed and the "LOVE" to be appliqued.  I thought I would NEVER figure it out.  I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to this computer stuff, but I finally got it right, or at least right enough. 

I started in Microsoft Word and typed up "All you need is...." and copied it to Photobucket.  Then I used a few of their editing tools to make a mirror image of it and printed it off onto these...

I cut it out and ironed it on to a piece of white fabric.  Then, using Word again, I typed the word "LOVE" in a different font and traced it right off the screen (don't tell Hubby).  Then I traced it onto my heat and bond, ironed it on my favorite fabric, cut out the fabric and ironed it on my piece of white fabric.

 and zig zag stitched around it, in red of course.  Does any of that make sense?  Then I framed it in a $3.00 frame from Wal-Mart. 

So, what do ya think?  Easy custom Valentine's art.  I had everything except the frame so this was a $3.00 project.  Love that!

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Have a great day bloggy friends!



  1. I love that you trace right off the screen too.. hehe.

  2. Oohh!!! Love it, Tanya! Such pretty black and white fabrics. You did a great job. :) Nice Vday decor!

  3. Tanya! This is GREAT!!!!!! I bought a package of the transfer paper for fabric at walmart a few weeks ago with the thought of putting my logo on a shirt. I have never done it before , so it is still in the package!
    YES! You can listen to the show anytime! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR ENCOURAGEMENT!
    Have a pretty day!

  4. Adorable! I really think you could sell these if you tried. This would make a cute t-shirt or kitchen towel, too.

  5. So pretty! I so want to do some Valentine's decorating... just to make things a little more girly around here :)

  6. I love this!! I think (think...think...) I could do it. You are the second blog that I have read this afternoon that mentioned trying something new. I'm such a copy cat that I want to try something new, too. Can't decide what to try of course. It needs to rank a "Debbie" in level of difficulty.

  7. Is the mirror image thing difficult to do? I swear I can never figure out stuff like that. UGH.

  8. I LOVE it! So stinkin' cute! So guess what I have used for cutting out applique letters?

    My CRICUT! Yep...I ironed the fabric onto the heat n bond, and then cut it with my cricut...worked like a charm!

  9. From one Tanya to another... LOVE it! <3

    I am stopping by from TGC Would love to have you take a look at my project, too : )