Friday, January 14, 2011


I have always loved Victorian era tin ceiling tiles.  Love them! 

Google Images

Isn't this photo amazing?  Look at that gorgeous bar and the pressed tin ceiling.  It's amazing!  Love it!

This is from Google Images.  I love the ceiling in this kitchen.   Isn't it cool?

This is also from Google Images.  I love the copper tone tin ceiling in this bar. 

But, tin ceiling tiles can be used in lots of ways.  You can get the "faux" tin ceiling tiles at Home Depot.  They come in several colors.  I have been eyeing them for two years.  I personally love the idea of using them on the backsplash in the kitchen. 

Google Images

Better Homes and Garden - this one is my favorite!!

Again from BHG.  Isn't that cool looking?  Wanna closer look?

Neat, huh?  I love the silver with the black cabinets. 

So, this is an old picture of my kitchen from the one time it was clean for more than ten minutes.  What do you think the silverish tin ceiling tiles would look like on my backsplash?  Opinions?  I can't decide.  Seriously, I cannot decide, which is why I've been thinking about it for TWO YEARS!  HELP! 




  1. My cousin in MI has a beautiful house that he's done mostly himself. He used tin tiles on his kitchen ceiling and painted them in an ivory color. The texture is beautiful and I love the look. I think they would look great as a backsplash!

  2. Tin tiles would make a lovely backsplash. Personally I love having a more substantial, easy to wipe surface on the kitchen walls. I fall more into the would love to have granite all the way up the wall of my kitchen but tin tiles would be great too to serve a functional and aesthetical purpose.

  3. Those are beautiful! Now I want them too.. lol What a great idea as a backsplash. Much cheaper too!

  4. Tin tiles would be PERFECT for your kitchen backsplash! Especially with the beautiful red you have in there!!!! Go for it!!!!! You can do it!!!! Can't wait to see the after. Sometimes you just need to jump in and try it! :D

    Building Home with Him,

    Mary Joy

  5. I was thinking silver even before I read your idea! I think that would look great!

  6. I think they'd look great! Here's an idea--buy some tiles, and hold on tight to your receipt. Bring them home and prop them up on your counter to see if you like the effect. If not, you can always return them, but I think it'll be a winner!

  7. I definitely vote YES! I would love to do them in mine, but my colors are too creamy and not white enough for the silver.

    My niece did the tile backsplash at the love shack. It looks wonderful, and she said it was the easiest project of any she has done. I think you just cut it with heavy duty scissors but I'm not sure.

    I wonder if there's a shade that would work in mine. Probably not. HRMP.

    Do it!

    (Still thinking about movies to suggest)

  8. Ditto what Richella says! She knows what she's talking about---her house is beautiful. ;) I think they'd look great!

  9. I love them!!! I LOVE the 3rd picture of the ones on the ceiling.

    And I think they would look great in your kitchen!

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