Friday, March 4, 2011

When Motherhood Gets You Down

So, fellow mothers, have you ever had one of those days when your kids are absolutely driving you nuts?  Do you ever feel like all you do is refill sippy cups, do laundry, and clean up spills?  Do you ever get tired of hearing about Princesses and Princes, Mario Brothers, Batman, Olivia or Strawberry Shortcake?  Do you get tired of dressing Barbie for your little one?  Do you get tired of potty training or changing diapers?  Do you get sick of begging them to eat their veggies?  Do you get SICK of breaking up the bickering siblings?  Do you feel like you have absolutely lost who you used to be since becoming a mother?  I do!  It's these times when God sends me a little attitude adjustment by way of my TV.

They grow up way too fast.  Please excuse me while I go dance in the playroom with my daughter.  It's time to twirl and play Barbies. 



  1. That's the best attitude girl. Try to enjoy them as much as possible while they want to be with you. Too soon they grow up and want to be on their own.

  2. EVERY TIME I see this commercial, I get all teary eyed and lumpy throated. I think to parents, our kids always look just a little bit like the little one in our eyes.

    I know mine do.

    Gee, thanks for making me all weepy today... LOL

  3. That commercial really got to me when Brittany, my oldest daughter, was getting ready to move away to college last August. Now, my youngest will be starting high school in the fall. Trust me...they DO grow up much faster than you realize. Cherish every single moment...and DANCE!

  4. That commercial KNOWS when to come on in our house..just when the last nerve is being lost :)

  5. Love that commercial. There's another one from not too long ago w/ the same premise...the little girl is asking for the car keys and the dad gives her the 3rd degree (who's going to be there? etc) and then hands the keys over to a teenager.