Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Do You Resale?

Do you shop resale?  Do you take part in consignment sales?  We have two big consignment sales close by every season.  My favorite is Rhea Lana, which is a franchise re-sale consignment event.  I spend HOURS cleaning out closets and dressers, washing and drying, hanging clothes and putting on price tags.  Then I haul all of my stuff to the consignment location (usually a former department store) and hope for the best.  It takes A LOT of preparation, but the rewards are great.  I usually make a little money, which ends up being spent on clothes for the kids.  They grow out of stuff so fast!

Rhea Lana Event

These consignment sales are a great place to buy basics.  I've bought lots of jeans for the kids.  The baby stuff is always a fabulous buy too.  There are tons of bedding sets for kids, high chairs, strollers,etc.  Most of the prices are 25% to 30% less than retail price.  That's pretty great, huh? 

Rhea Lana is heaven for moms-to-be!

One of these consignment sales started selling home decor a few years ago, but you have to get there early because that stuff goes QUICK.

So, why else do I love Rhea Lana?  Well, it does help that they featured a Froufroubritches outfit I sold on the local news.  Love that!

E's former outfit, which they featured on the local news.

What else do I love about Rhea Lana?  You can check your sales online!  Just a few clicks of the mouse and you know how much your check is going to be!  WOO HOO! 

Rhea Lana also has a new cookbook, which you can find here.  A portion of the sales go to Autism Speaks, which of course, I love!  Gotta get me one of those! 

So, do you resale?

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  1. I, usually, don't shop resale stores, HOWEVER...I did find my daughter's prom dress at a really nice one a couple of years ago. It was gorgeous and saved us, at least, $100 or more!

  2. I used to participate in a consignment sale that our former church held. It was much smaller than the one you're showing, but still decent. It was a lot of work, but the return was pretty good. I mostly shop at consignment (and thrift) stores now!

  3. I love, love, love Rhea Lana! Her daughter and mine used to be. Great friends back in elementary school. I'm sure you and I ran into each other a lot and didn't even know it! I used to take stuff there and buy there as well. And I still love to go looking around consignment shops to see what all I can find! I love to go thrifting no matter where it is! Ha!

  4. I haven't consigned any clothes yet b/c I'm not sure if we'll try for one more bebe. As much as I'd love to have a boy, it would be my luck that we'd have another girl and all my girl stuff would be gone. So...holding on to it for a bit longer just in case. ;) I do, however, SHOP consignment and I love it! Probably 80% of my girls' wardrobes come from consignment. :)

  5. Sounds like a great place and how exciting to have your outfit featured! I buy ALL the time from resale shops, but I don't usually sell. I tend to keep stuff for so long that it's been out of style for 5 years before I part with it. No one wants to pay me for it by then, but I always donate. Best bargains found at resale shops!

  6. I resell on ebay and Craigslist---but used to consign when my girls let me dress them :)
    I still go without them and attempt to dress myself!
    Blessings on your day, Tanya!
    I hope you make lots of resale $!!

  7. I'm trying to get motivated to tag all my stuff for an upcoming sale I am participating in. I try to take the money I earn and turn it right around on the new clothes for the upcoming season for my kids. I used to shop consignment for most of my kids clothes but as they are getting older it gets harder and harder to find stuff for them. Not nearly as much selection as when they were little ones.
    Cute outfit in that photo, by the way!
    Hope you sell lots and find lots of bargains too!

  8. I consigned a few things but I didn't make enough to make it worth my while. If I had kids, I would do it for sure!

  9. I do not sell ... but I BUY! LOVE resale !
    Have a pretty day!

  10. I love love love Consignment Sales! Too cute on your LO's outfit!!

  11. I've never really done it but it seems like a fabulous idea!!