Thursday, April 29, 2010


It's that time again folks.  I want to get to know you and vice versa. 

Yesterday, an aquaintance and I were discussing the tendencies of autistic children.  We were talking about OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).  She mentioned that studies have shown that a high percentage of children with autism are born to Type A personalities.  That is one thing that I am not.  I think I would be considered pretty easygoing - too easygoing in most instances.  BUT, I do have several OCD tendencies that I cannot deny. 

4.  I can't stand for a door to be "cracked" while I'm in the room.  Either shut the door or open the door.  I feel like if it's cracked, I'm being watched - like on murder movies, there is always a killer hiding behind the door and watching.  That FREAKS me out!!! 

3.  I have to do my makeup in the "correct" order:  foundation, eyebrows, eye shadow, eyeliner, blush, mascara and then lipstick.  If I get out of sync, it completely screws me up.  I'll walk out of the door completely made up except with sparse eyebrows or something dorky like that.  I am such a creature of habit. 

2.  I despise wet peanut butter.  It's disgusting!  My son's favorite snack is a big ole spoon of peanut butter.  He generally gets his own peanut butter jar because he eats is straight out of the jar.  I insist that he licks the spoon clean or wipe it out with the paper towel or something.  If it goes straight to the sink, it gets wet and yucky and stinky.  ICK!  I hate it! 

1.  This is my big one.  My mom and sister know what it is.  Anybody who has helped me clean my kitchen after a meal, know what it is.  I am downright FREAKY about loading my dishwasher, especially my utensils.  I have one of those long untensil holders that takes up the entire side of the bottom of my dishwasher.  I want specific things in each compartment.  From back to front:  3 spaces for large utensils and knives, 2 compartments for forks, 2 compartments for spoons, 2 compartments for kids size utensils.  I know it's weird, but it's SOOOOO much easier to unload when similar things are all together.  AND, all knives must point down for safety! 

Okay.  There you have it.  My OCD tendencies out there for the whole world to read.  Please tell me I'm not alone in this.  Come on!  Spill!  Tell me all your dirty little secrets!!! 


  1. Love it! I find I have similar "issues": 1) I can't take it when shower curtains are closed. Way too many scary things could lurk behind a closed shower curtain! Those have to stay open at my house. 2) I have to shower in order or I have to start over. Rinse head to toe, shampoo no rinse, body wash, shave, wash face, rise head to toe. 3) Stamps must be placed on outgoing mail at a 90 degree angle. Crooked stamps drive me nuts! 4) Close anything with a door - cabinets, washing machine, dryer, etc. No "doors" ajar, please! Not necessarily for the boogie-man, but just because it makes me crazy! The room doors? I like those all open. Go figure. ;) I could so go on (and on)!

  2. I don't think I'm OCD, but like you, if my routine gets messed, I'm messed up. I'm sure my daughter would disagree about the OCD thing...

  3. oh my!!! you are not alone :) I too organize my silverware in the d/ws (we have two, one for home & one for my child care business) .. my bedtime routine is as strict as your make up routine :) shower, dry, dress, hang towels, blow nose, qtip ears, brush hair, layout clothes for tomorrow, chapstick, alarm check, light, bed :)

    Fun post!!!

  4. Um, I think we are long lost twins. I seriously want to knock my husband upside the head whenever he puts a nasty bowl with peanut butter in it in the sink. Gross. I also have a specific order I do my beauty routine in. I don't make our bed often b/c T gets up later than I do and by the time he's out, I've moved on to other stuff...but I HAVE to have all the covers straight and pillows "just so" before I will get in bed at night. Ditto on the dishwasher!

    I am a freak.

  5. I am totally with you on the dishwasher compartments!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am generally an easy going person too, but when it comes to my dishwasher, I am kind of crazy about loading it the "right" way. I love it when my Husband or someone else helps, but I can't watch them load the dishwasher or it takes all of the willpower I can muster to not rearrange it once they are done. And my bedtime routine is eerily similar to Kim's.

  7. Oh my Goshh.. I'm still laughing at #4!!! That's hilarious. I am quite the same when it comes to #3. I go out without my mascara at times, because something has interrupted my routine. Or how about the fact that I've put on one earring, the got distracted only to discover later in the afternoon, that I never did put that second earring on.
    Loved your list!