Thursday, April 15, 2010


Instead of doing Getting To Know You Thursday, I am linking up to Top 3 Thursday at Confessions of a Working Mom.  Swing on over to Elizabeth's blog, link up and spill your Top 3 "Guilty" Celebrity Crushes. 

3.  TEAM JACOB!  Oh my Gracious!  Nobody should be allowed to be that hot!  BUT, he is young enough to be my kid!  No, I am not a cougar!  BUT, I'm not dead either. 

2.  Ryan Reynolds.  He was on Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza forever ago.  Did you see him in The Proposal?  Oh my Gracious!  He is HYSTERICAL and HOT!  Did you see the abs on that boy? 

1.  Nathan Fillion from Castle, also formerly of Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza.  I think he is so funny and cute, cute, cute!! 

* I still have a total crush on Hubby, even more so than these three! *

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  1. Thanks for stopping by for T3T. I am on Team Jacob as well. He is definitely a hottie!

    I love your "Oh my Gracious!" My hubby says "oh my gravy!" Glad you stopped by. Your blog is cute.

  2. Team Jacob for me, too. When I watched New Moon I think my mouth was hanging open half of the time.

  3. D@mn...Ryan Reynolds is goooood lookin'!!!

  4. Oooooh, Jacob is HOT!!! I actually googled him, and he's not as young as his characters portray. So not entirely jail bait!


  5. I love it! Those are definitely 3 hotties! Ryan Reynolds...yum!

    For me?

    Michael Weatherly and David Boreanaz would be up there with Ryan Reynolds!

  6. You get a full *giggle-snort* for this one! I have my "boyfriends" as the hubster calls them. Menus are for perusing.

  7. Swinging by from Stephanie Lynn's site. I love the frame in the post above, but this caught my attention. Team JACOB? I can't....I don't....what? Team Edward here, and I'm in the process of planning a really big bash for June....allllll Team Edward fans, but anyone who likes the
    Twilight boys is fine with me. :O) Looking forward to following along...and trying to wrap my mind around the whole Team Jacob thing. :O)

  8. Another 2 Guys and a Girl Fan...finally! And Ryan is the #1 because almost everyone has him on their list! (Including me)

    Thanks for playing our game and sorry it took so long to stop by!