Monday, April 19, 2010


So, Amber at aefilkins is having a party.  She wants to know your idea of a perfect date.  So, I'm joining in.  Hop on over and fill Amber in on your story. 

So, at this point, I'm not that hard to please.  I'm living in 1500 sq. ft with Hubby and four kids so practically any date that doesn't involve kids, is perfect.  BUT, if we're talking dream date....let's see....

Picture this.......

it's 8:00 in the morning and the kids are gone for the day and night(to either Nana's or Aunt T's house) and I have a whole two hours to myself to get ready.  I lounge in a steaming hot FULL tub (in this dream my hot water heater is fixed and heating to full capacity so I don't just get 4 inches of hot water) while reading through my Glamour and Southern Living magazines.  Then I get out and put on a little makeup, do my hair and put on my cutest size 6 (this is MY dream and in My dream, I'm a size 6) - casual, not dressy outfit.  Hubby is wearing his new linen shorts and pink shirt because he looks so cute in that outfit.  He tells me how beautiful I am over and over and I keep catching him looking at me of the corner of his eye (again, my dream).  We hop in the car and head out for lunch - Mexican of course.  I eat tons of white cheese dip, tacos, quesadillas, etc.  - YUM!  Then, we head to do some antiquing and shopping at the promenade.  We pick up some new furniture for the house and that rug I've been wanting because it's too expensive in my real life.  Then we decide to hit the movies - twice.  Nothing like a good double feature that doesn't involve cartoons!  Then, we head out for dinner.  We talk and eat and talk.  Hubby tells me how lovely I am and that he is so glad he married me, etc.  etc.  After dinner, we head home, all by ourselves.  We get home to our empty house and.....wonder....if we're going to be able to sleep with all the quiet.  We put on our jammies and eat dessert (something chocolate) on the couch while we watch TV.  I tell him before we go to sleep that he's my best friend and I like him a "real lot".   We sleep for 12 hours straight before we go get our babies. 

Yep, that sounds pretty perfect to me!  Like I said, at this point in my real life, a trip to Home Depot without the kids sounds good to me - or even a conversation out on the trampoline under the stars after the kids are asleep.  That sounds dreamy too!!


  1. Love it!! I am laughing though, b/c I can imagine what most men would have included before the going to sleep for 12 hours part, and it would NOT have been listed as part of my perfect date. ;)

  2. I totally relate, even though we don't have kids - we DO care for my father-in-law, and any time out of the house without having to worry about or take care of him is a blessing! Our date nights usually include dinner and a trip to Walmart - woo hoo! haha But it's a treat!

    Speaking to Amanda - it WOULD have been part of my perfect date! :-)

  3. Just ordered something from your shop. Cute stuff!!