Monday, April 26, 2010


This weekend was the 3rd Annual All Out For Autism Walk in Arkansas.  It wasl POURING down rain until we pulled in to the parking lot.  Suddenly, the clouds parted and the sun peeked out like a little girl making her grand entrance at the recital.  The rest of the day was GORGEOUS!  Numbers were lower than usual, due to the weather.  Here are a few pics of the 2 Mile Family Fun Walk.

My 4 kids and my niece (K) and my nephew (M) before the walk. 

Hubby, E, L and me.  Our shirts were HUGE and I'm pretty sure my camera adds 20 pounds instead of the usual 10 - I'm just saying.

During the walk, J was dying to take off running even though this was the Fun Walk.  (I don't know why they call it that?!  Is walking fun?  I think they should have an autism shopping spree!  That sounds like fun to me!  OR maybe an autism movie marathon?  Count me in!  Autism Cookie Eating Contest?  I'm the first one in line!!) 

My sister and me and nephew M behind us.

After the race, we hit On The Border!  YEA!  I love me some white cheese dip!

My sis and my Mom.

All of this walking and partying in honor of this little guy: 

The light of my life.  My sweet L!

Thanks to my whole family for participating, including my Aunt T whose picture did not turn out. 


  1. So glad the rain stopped for you guys to walk in such a special event! He is such a sweet little boy with a beautiful smile and is lucky to have you as a mom! :)

  2. Hi Tanya!
    Thanks for stopping by my home!
    Nice to meet you!
    I would so join you in the autism shopping spree/movie marathon/Cookie Eating Contest.
    I think it should be an all-day thingy, personally.
    What a cute family you have!
    It is so sweet that they supported you and L with this!
    What a loving family. You ARE so blessed!
    I pray for you many blessings as you make your home!

  3. Wow! This looked so fun! I am glad you guys had a great time!!


    Meet Virginia!
    Meet Virginia!
    Meet Virginia!

  4. Tanya...this is so fun! Our son, who is now eleven, has autism. It has been an amazing journey and he can do so much - he's so independent! We've done several autism walks and I encourage you to keep at it with your son! Believe me, I'm amazed to see how God has truly gifted our son and he is such a blessing to us! I sincerely understand what you go through! Becky B.