Thursday, May 20, 2010


While reading Amanda's post yesterday, I was inspired.  She was participating in a McLinky party at

 Home is...
and I decided I wanted to participate too.  This McLinky party is all about Family Heirlooms which made me wonder what I would save if there were a fire at my house.  So, I decided to kill two birds with one stone, the party with Getting to Know You Thursday. 

I want to know what are the most important material things to you.  Obviously, if there were a fire in your house, you would get your family out first.  But, what else would you try to save.   There are several things I would save if I had the time.  Remember, this is about the material things you would want to save AFTER you got your family and pets out - family heirlooms.

1.  Family Photos. 
I love family photos.  I, sadly, am not one of those good scrapbooking, photo album moms who keeps all the photos organized.  Instead I have two large cardboard boxes full of photos and a couple of albums that other people have put together for me.  Looking at old photos is one of my favorite things to do.  We do this at my mom's several times a year.  We get out my mom's big tub of photo envelopes (I get it honest) and get a peek into our childhood, ugly 70's fashion and all.  I've even been known to slip a few of those photos into my purse and bring them home with me.  My name is Tanya, and I am a Kleptomaniac.  Anyway, I looove to look at photos of my parents when they were young and my grandparents too.  My grandparents wedding pictures, pictures of great-grandparents and their families.  These are the photos that fascinate me.  This is my grandparents with my Aunt T.

2.  Hubby's Grandfather's Childhood Things.
My Hubby was VERY close to his grandfather (Papa).  Unfortunately, he died about a year before Hubby and I met, so I never knew him.  My MIL gave us some of her keepsakes to pass on to our firstborn son "J", who is Papa's namesake.  These are a few of the things we were given:

Papa's marbles that he played with as a kid.

Papa's baby quilt made by his mother (Hubby's great-grandmother).  She made it for him for a Christmas gift when Papa was 5 years old.    It's got the ABC hand embroidered on it with pictures for each letter. 

Nannie's (Papa's wife - Hubby's grandmother) wedding ring.  She gave it to me when I was HUUUUGE pregnant with "J" and couldn't wear my wedding ring.  I think maybe she was afraid folks would think I was living in sin if I was huge pregnant without a wedding ring on.   I couldn't get a good picture of it. 

3.  This cup. 

Weird, right?  This cup (another thing I conveniently stole from my mom's house) is so important to me.  I looove this cup.  It's not expensive or fancy, as you can see.  It was made by Therm-O-Ware.  My mom said it was one of those cups you get at the gas station if you buy a coke with a full tank of gas.  My grandma has one too.  In fact, I told my family, that is the ONE thing I want when my grandma's time is over on this earth, well, that and maybe her Chipmunks Christmas album I listened to every time I went to her house.  Again, weird, I know.  This is the cup I ALWAYS remember my mom drinking out of when I was little.  She drank tea out of it EVERY night of my life.  When she was pregnant with my little sister, she drank/ate "hillbilly milkshakes" out of it (cornbread and buttermilk - NASTY, right?).  Anyway, this cup is my childhood.  It went with us everywhere and I love it.  I lost it for a few days a year ago or so and I cried like a baby.  I know, I know.  It's a cup.  But I loooove it and I'm very territorial about it.  It's my cup!  Perfect Christmas gift for me?  A set of them. 

So, what would you save in a fire? 

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  1. I have a quilt that each one of our grandmothers made...I also have my grandma's dolls (which scare me by the way...talking about this I just got a post idea)and my mother's jewelry box...I think other than my photos those would be the items I'd want to save the most...have a great day!~Robyn

  2. Love the heirloom stuff, and you know what, I understand about the cup!
    I guess photos would be my first thing to surprise there. Unfortunately, they are all over the place in boxes and stuff, worse than you, I bet.

  3. That quilt is awesome. I have my moms marble collection, too!

  4. What a great blog! So glad you linked up to RE and thank you so much for stopping by my blog as well!

    I get the cup...really I do. It represents so much more than just a red plastic cup!!!

  5. I love the story about the cup-very cool! We've got a bunch of old marbles too, the kids love to play with them and I love that they were Papa's (my father in law) as a boy. Those are very neat heirlooms.

  6. I totally get the cup! My dad had a giant glass stein that he used to drink his water out of, and I always think of him whenever I see something like that. :)

    I'd save:
    1. Pictures
    2. My dad's banjo
    3. My pewter castle wall hanging from Germany
    4. My jewelry

  7. Like you I enjoy looking at older pictures. I have some black and whites of family members I never had the chance to meet tucked away. Maybe it's time to get them out again.

    The items from your hubby's grandfather are touching.

    I appreciated the story about the cup. I understand. My mom also has "a cup" that I can vividly picture in my head even now. Maybe next time I'm home to visit I need to do a bit of snagging myself. ;-)

  8. LOVE the pic of your grandparents and T. I've never seen one of her that young. :P I really don't know what I'd try to save from a fire. Your post is making me think that I should figure that out beforehand, in case it ever should happen. (God forbid)

  9. Pictures, of course. And actually we have a lot of heirlooms around our house. But I think I'd grab pix first. Great post. Love the story about the cup! Thanks for linking up at RE this week :)

  10. I love that yu would save that cup. I would save the letters my husband wrote me in high school. photo's,a doll that was my grandmas.

  11. I can understand why you'd want to save those things. I guess I'd have to say pictures and video and audio tapes of my son. I just read the above comment and it reminded me of all the letters/cards I have gotten from my husband. I would have to save them too!