Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Where Is The Dadgum Tape Measure?????

Did you go to Hobby Lobby last week?  The "wall decor" was 50% off so I spent some of my birthday money I've been saving since January.  I desperately needed some more stuff for my living room.  So, I got these:

I just love them!  I also got a big ole black metal/iron like scrolled cross to go in between.  I was so excited that I came straight home and immediately wanted to hang them up.  I am trying to "finish" the living room because Hubby won't let me start the bathrrom until I finish (apparently, I'm a great starter, but not such a great finisher).  Anyway, I came home and searched everywhere for the durn tape measure.  I searched my kitchen countertop (where it usually gets put down and stays for weeks at a time).  I searched the basket where I keep my handtowels in the kitchen because it gets stuck in there sometimes.  UGH!  Finally, I gave up and decided to search my Hubby's tool...cabinet, thingee. 

Ummmm, I'm not sticking my hand in there!  Something might bite me!  And he says I'm messy!  So, since I cannot find the tape measure, my "wall decor" sits on the floor, ready to be hung.  Maybe I should've spent my birthday money on my own durn tape measure!! 

If it ever gets hung, I'll take a picture for ya.  Still working on the living room rug.  I found the sisal with the red border at Pier I last week, but it was too small.  Back to the drawing board. 


  1. Oooh, I LOVE those.

    Invest in a second tape. Hide it if you must. I have two or three around the house so I can almost always find one.

  2. Hope you find it soon! Those are cute. :)

  3. I feel your pain. Sometimes I want to have my own secret toolbox that I keep hidden!

  4. I have a few pictures that are leaning up against the wall for the same reason :).

    LOVE them!