Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Ten Minutes of Heaven

Ahhhh!  Morning coffee.  I never was much of a coffee drinker.  I always thought it tasted bitter and every time I drank it I thought about that fancy expensive coffee that the foreign cats eat the beans and poop them out then they grind them and make coffee out of them (have you seen the Bucket List?).  ICK!!  Then there is the dragon breath side effect.  Don't even get me started on my ex boss who drank coffee constantly and was a close talker.  EEEWWW!  But, when my mother-in-law was in the hospital a few years ago, my brother-in-law got me hooked on coffee with Hazelnut creamer.  Ahhh!  Delicious and about 100 calories per cup if you drink it like I do, ya know, a little coffee with my creamer.  YUM!  So, now, I'm hooked!!  This is my morning escape. 

One sip and I am transported to a little sidewalk cafe in Paris.  I'm sitting at a little table enjoying the waking city around me.  There are little old men talking by a fountain across the street.  To my left there are three women sitting at a table.  They are speaking french and laughing while they are eating their croissants.  They are thin, very fashionable and I can't help but wonder if they shave their armpits.  That's a weird thought to have, but I can't help it.  Anyway, I'm enjoying my cup of coffee at this beautiful little cafe when....DURN!  One of the little ones needs more syrup on their pancakes.  So much for my escape from reality.  As you can see, I've never actually been to Paris so I have to use my imagination to go on vacation. 

How do you escape from your reality?  Do you lock yourself in the bathroom?  I've been known to do that, but it usually doesn't work.  Thank you Lord for my imagination!

Have a good weekend!


  1. Hmmm. My escape hatch just about always requires a cup of coffee (which I hope is completely cat poof free) and some alone time.
    Often, this is in the car as I meander back roads and look for adventurous places.

  2. I too like to get out and go for a has to be a nice sunny day though...a day that you can roll down the window and drive with your sun glasses on...and of course I'll have my camera with me just in case I see something photo worthy! =-)

  3. ahhh I love to "escape". I sit in the dark quiet of the morning before my boys wake up. Love that quiet. ;-)

  4. Girl after my own heart! Thanks for stopping by Keepin' Up With The Moody's. Glad to know a fellow Razorback fan here in the blog world. I am now following. Stop by and say hi anytime!

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!! Love this post -- I start every morning with a Diet Pepsi Max (I'm sure my doctor will scold me later). My escape is definitely the tub with a good book or magazine. Or Target! :)

  6. haha! I love this post... I used to be a strictly tea drinker... then I moved to Italy.... sure I'll try a coffee here and there... then it turned into everytime we stop for coffee, "sure I'll have one to!" Now that my brother in law came to live with us for a bit to help me out with the girls, I'M HOOKED! BAD! And yes, the cafes are really like that! All the people here I'm sure take it for granted, but I'm Canadina... we have winter 9 months of the year (ok not quite but it seems like it) and a street cafe isn't something you get to experience a lot. I love to experience that every chance I get cuz it's just cool. And yes, the people are all skinny.... seriously, what is with these french and italian people? I'm eating the food.... I still have baby weight... what's with that? Anyways, those quaint little cafes are my escape (I usually have the kids in tote but they are usually so good for me when out), that and naptime-net time...
    have a great Sunday!

  7. My personal me-time getaway is blogging!
    Thanks for visiting Little Miss Momma! I love your blog and your etsy shop! Such cute bibs and burpies!!!

    ashley {LMM}

  8. a visit to paris is on my list of "one days," but i love that your imagination is taking you there now! love it.