Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cheap Summer Fun?

Is there such a thing as cheap summer fun?  Yes, you can make popsicles and play in the backyard and in the sprinkler, take a trip to the library, but...that's about it, and even that gets old if you do it every day. 

Do y'all have a summer kids movie program in your area?  We do.  Some are free.  Some are $1.  That's cheap right?  We went to the summer movie this morning and saw Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs.  Yes, we do own the DVD, and they have seen this movie probably one hundred times, but it's the movie experience that makes it fun, right?  The girls' and I were excited to get out of the house, but not J.  He would rather never, ever leave the house.  He's such a homebody.  Anyway, this is the one day I get to be a girl.  I generally dress cute and wear makeup and jewelry so the snotty other moms don't look at me like I'm the mom of one of those families from the backwoods that only come to town once or twice a year.  Ya know what I mean?  This is my time to get out and see other adults (a rare occasion in the summer) and not be held captive home entertaining my annoying, bickering adorable children.  Anyway, we got in to the movie for $4, which is great.  BUT, of course we had to have popcorn and a drink.  You can't watch a movie without snacks, right?  So, this $4 movie quickly turned into a $15 movie.  UGH!  That's $60 a month, which would cover our monthly orthodontist bill.  My budget is so very, very small.  Do they make ANYTHING that is truly cheap entertainment?  What in the world did I do when I was a kid in the summer?  What do y'all do for cheap summer entertainment?


  1. You are so funny : ) Everything costs so much these days ugh!
    I guess you could always sneak dollar store candy into the movie and have popcorn at home after the movie? just a thought
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  2. I remember spending the entire summer playing in the woods and in the creek. My mom never spent a dime when we did that. It so much harder now because you can't just turn your kids loose like our parents did.

    Does your local library have any activities?

  3. Yeah, the local library usually has a summer reading program that it really fun. When I worked at the library, the kids really loved it. And the library has books on activities for kids.
    You cooouuulldd, pretend you are at Bible school and do activities they do, or do a craft project together. My kids absolutely adored painting with water.
    Or how about putting on a play for the neighborhood? We did that once when I was a kid and charged a quarter admission to see it. Everyone loved it and the adults laughed so hard they cried. We even made a little money.

  4. When we were kids, we roamed all over the neighbhorhood in our make believe world. Mine did a bit of that, but I never felt safe letting them roam. I'm sure you're the same way. Doesn't that stink?

    They did a lot of make believe here at the house. They played prairie girls and princess and stuff like that. A few summers, I made up a "camp" that lasted a week and named it after our neighbhorhood. My nieces and some neighbhorhood kids did it with us.

    We had a 1.00 movie here back then. ONLY ONCE did my husband come along with us. He is sort of an easy going Peter Pan, but I thought his head was going to explode before we got out.

    If I weren't so stinking old, I might be able to remember some more.