Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer Is Here!

Well, summer is officially here!  YEA!  The kids are out of school and Hubby is on vacation.  Or should I say staycation?  In other words, we're staying at home.  No trips to Disney or Hawaii for us.  We'll just be hanging out around the house and in the backyard this week. 

Yesterday was Hubby's birthday.  We had a wonderful celebration at the lake with my parents and family.  We grilled and ate and ate and ate.  We went out on the boat and let the kids tube.  It was a great day!   I made, per Hubby's request, Jamie's Coconut Cake.  It's Paula Deen's recipe.  YUM!  Here's Hubby blowing out his candles with a little help from L.

This is a picture of J and M (my nephew) tubing.

Don't they look like they are having the best time?  So much fun!  What a great day! 

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. No travel vacation planned here this summer either. We are counting up the pennies toward our first year with two in college so even if we do something, it will have to be small.

    Sure doesn't look like you missed any FUN by staying home!

    (Thought of you and your grandma over the weekend. Just wanted you to know.)

  2. Oooh, tubing! I've only done that once, but it was so much fun. Looks like you all had a great day. :)

  3. Happy Birthday to your hubby.

    We want a tube but we have no place to store it for now. It looks like fun!!