Thursday, June 24, 2010

My New Photo Wall - FINALLY!

I am the Queen of Procrastination.  My middle name should be procrastination.  Procrastination coupled with the fear that I'll make a wrong decision often really slows down my projects.  Case in point, I've had a plan for my bedroom wall for over a year.   I bought most of my supplies and still, I waited.  But, because this week's CSI Project Challenge is Frames, Art and Wall Decor, I knew I HAD to finish it. 

My mom bought me the vinyl words that read "All Because Two People Fell In Love" at Hobby Lobby last year.  I immediately knew that I wanted the it in between my windows in my bedroom.  I already had a plan for the photos I wanted on that wall and I knew those words above the grouping would be perfect.

I bought my frames at Hobby Lobby for $11.99 each, but they were 50% off, I think (like I said, it was a looooong time ago).  The reason I didn't do this project right away is that for some reason, I am drawn to 10x13 frames without even realizing it.  I picked up the frames without even noticing the size and figured I would just pick up a mat later after I decided on the photos.  Well, of course, 10 x 13 mats with 5 x 7 openings are hard to find, which meant I would have to have my mats cut, which costs $$.  So, I waited and I waited and I waited. 

One of the other things that was holding me back is the lack of good photos.  My computer crashed and died at the beginning of the year, taking many of my photos with it.  SIGH!  So I just cropped away at the few photos I did have and went for it. 

Because it's been a crazy week around here and because I didn't have a lot of $$ to spare, I decide I wouldn't buy mats.  I had another plan. 

You know that piece of white paper that you see when you purchase a frame.  This one even had a picture already on it to give me a guide.  I just flipped it over (because it had writing on it) and taped down my picture smack dab in the middle using the reverse side as a guide (is that clear as mud?).  Then I put my frame back together and it was ready to hang.  You can't even tell it's not matted.  HA!  I just saved myself about $35. 

This is now my photo wall. 

I absolutely love it!  It's exactly what I envisioned (well, actually in my vision, I was a size 6).

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  1. hey Tanya!
    I'm glad you asked about paint color on my blog - I just added the brand/colors to it. I always use Rustoleum (Krylon is a no no...). Hobby Lobby has their American Accents line and Home Depot has their Painter's Touch line - the color is Green Apple (satin finish) for either brand. Hope this helps and happy painting! -diane

  2. this is beautiful ... I just love it ... I am thinking there has got to be a place in my house for a tribute to family like this ...

  3. That's beautiful Tanya. Good job!!

  4. It looks wonderful, Tanya!!! Did this go in a room you've featured in a Decorating Dilemmas post? If so, you'll have to link it up to the next Progress party. :)

  5. Brilliant! I would have been exactly like you and procrastinated it once I determined that I needed special matting. I'm a huge procrastinator too...

    I love this wall! The quote is perfect. I want to steal the idea.

  6. Tanya, you did a great job! It looks so pretty...good thinking about the "mats"!

  7. It looks great! Aren't you happy that you finally finished thi? You must smile everytime you see your display.

  8. Hi! Nice to meet you! I love the photo work. I need to be more decorative!

    I brown my chicken cutlets in Canola oil, but Olive oil would work great too!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Lovely wall!
    I just love it!
    My sister just moved from Florida to Texas and is making a wall like this in her new home- I am going to email this post to her so she can get an idea from you!
    Blessings as you make your home, Tanya!

  10. Oh, WOW!! I am absolutely in love with your wall!! I love that saying. Seeing all this vinyl everywhere is really making me want a saying for my wall. I love how you put the family photos underneath, too. PERFECT.

    And how SWEET of you to rub your hubby's back (especially with the arthritis). He is blessed to have you : ).

    Lots of love to you, Tanya!