Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Shrimp Boil

Hubby had to work on Father's Day so we celebrated on Saturday.  We spent the day at my mom and dad's house at the lake.  We had the BEST time.  We swam, boated, and tubed. 

"J", my nephew "M" and my niece "K"

The kids rode the jet ski (with an adult), we all got sunburned and we ATE!!  My brother has a friend that just went to the gulf and brought him back some huge shrimp (luckily NOT coated with oil).  Every year we have a big shrimp boil, so my brother donated all his shrimp for the occasion and my mom pitched in, well, everything else.  It was fabulous!!

Doesn't that look delish?

YUM!  Shrimp, sausage, potatoes, corn and crawfish and LOTS of cajun seasoning. 

The cousins had a great time eating their hot dogs at the kiddie table. 

Man, that was good!!!  So, after dinner, we cleaned up and the guys gathered around the TV to watch the UFC season finale thing.  It was a great day, but exausting.

See what I mean?  My sis and BIL could NOT keep their eyes open! 

It was a fabulous day!  What did y'all do to celebrate the father's in your family?


  1. That shrimp boil DOES look delish!!! YUM!

    My son cooked ribs on the grill......

  2. Around these parts, we call that a Low Country Boil. It's (traditionally) served on white paper running down the middle of the table. Do you do that part there?

    It is one of my all time favorite things to eat, and YOURS LOOKS FABULOUS!

    So do those lake adventures.

  3. What a fun day! Your shrimp boil looks fabulous. Yum!!

    I spent Father's Day at the beach with my mom and niece. My dad and my brother(niece's dad)are in heaven so we didn't have any celebrating to do. We had a super fun day together though!

  4. Sounds like a good day to me!!! We love shrimp! We didn't do much yesterday, but we did try to let T relax. :)

  5. do I kill you know or later for posting that pic??? I should've known better. No worries...paybacks, right??? You know the 4th IS coming up and I WILL be armed with my camera, too. Love you SIS!!