Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Amanda's having another party and this month, we're dishing about our dads.  My story is a little different than most.  My mom was married to my "biological father", but they divorced when I was little.  My mom and Mr. "S" were set up on a date by mutual friends.  I got to go on their first date with them.  We all went to their friends' house.  The parents played cards while us kids ran around and played.  I remember that my friend Elizabeth and I were playing in her room when I accidentally broke her Mr. Microphone.  I was so upset, but Mr. "S" fixed it for me.  After playing cards, we went to IHOP and he let me order whatever I wanted.  Soon, we were doing lots of things together.  We would go to the movies, out to eat, hang out at our house and soon they announced their engagement.  I remember sitting in his van when they asked me if it was okay if they got married.  I was so excited.  This is me and my dad ("S") on their wedding day.

You've got to love the 70's, right? 

Anyway, Mr. "S" soon became "daddy" and made it official with adoption papers.  He is the best dad ever.  What makes him the best dad?  Have you heard the Brad Paisley song He Didn't Have to Be?  It explains how great his "dad" was, even though he didn't have to be.  You see, my dad could've just married my mom, accepted his role as stepdad and just been a fixture in my life.  Instead, he raised me like his own.  He told me he loved me every day I can remember.  He raised me in church and set such a great example of what God wants us to be and together my parent's set a great example of a loving marriage.  One of the best things my dad did for me, was to tell me constantly how proud he is of me and how beautiful I am.  When I look in the mirror now and I'm having a fat ugly day (which is often these days), it's my dad's voice I hear in my head telling me how pretty I am and how proud he is of me.  He still tells me that all the time.  I always get terribly embarassed and blow it off when he says it, but it means more than he'll ever know. 

As for my favorite things we did together, it would have to be camping and boating at the lake.  My grandparents and my dad were always into waterskiing.  The did a lot of ski shows back in the day.  We spent a lot of time growing up camping at the lake.  While I don't share a love of skiing (I have bad knees), I do love swimming, tubing and just being in the boat.  Now my mom and dad live on the lake, so we are on the water just about every time we visit.  Good times! 

In fact, I just have to share this picture of my dad, our cousin and my brother on top.  This is from our last lake trip last summer. 


Boys!  UGH!  They nearly gave me a heart attack!

This is me and my dad a couple of years ago. 

As long as we're talking about dad's, I have to say that my Hubby is a pretty sweet dad too.  Funny how seeing your Hubby playing with the kids makes ya fall in love with them all over again, huh?  I had all c-sections and Hubby stayed at the hospital and changed all the diapers, etc. for the first week or so.  He works so hard so I can stay home with these babies.  He knows being home with them is more important than having a big house and lots of $$.  He has way more patience with homework than I do.  He is affectionate and loving and makes me laugh EVERY day.  Thanks baby for being such a sweet Hubby and dad and thanks for all my babies. 

That little girl sure does love her daddy.  BTW, he isn't drunk, but he always closes his eyes in pictures. 

Love you daddy!!  If you want to dish about your dad, head on over to Amanda's blog and join us for the party.



  1. What a sweet post and a great testament to your Dad!! I can understand why you love him so much. And I can understand why he loves you!

  2. Hey you! I got your comment, but your link wasn't on the list. I added it for you. :)

    I LOVED reading about your parents' story. How cool. :) S sounds like a wonderful man. And I can't believe how much your daughter looks like you at a young age! :)

    Thanks so much for linking up with me. :) Have fun "mingling." :)

  3. Mr. S sounds like a really great dad!
    I love that he's so special to you!

    and I loooove that pictureo f the guys water skiing. How cool!

  4. OK - you made me tear up, too. What a sweet post! You have some wonderful men in your life. Cool pic on the skis - what lake? Always excited to find other arkies out here. I'll be back to stalk you even more now - ha! Happy Dishing It.

  5. What an amazing story! Sounds like you have 2 amazing men in your life!

  6. Aren't you lucky to have such a great dad that "didn't have to be!" You two kind of favor, although I'm sure you've heard that a million times!

    Stopping by from the Dishing It party :)

  7. I love this. You were most defintely twice blessed to have a wonderful Dad who chose to love and raise you and then a great dad to your own children.

    You made me laugh about making sure we knew he isn't drunk in that picture. That is SO MUCH like something that I would do.

    My own wonderful dad would have celebrated a birthday tomorrow. I have thought about posting about him. I don't know. Some things I have a hard time putting on the page.

    You did a wonderful job!

  8. Great story about your dad. About made me cry!