Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend at Home and a New Witchy Tee

My very sweet Hubby was on vacation last week.  It was soooo good to have him home for a whole week.  We didn't go anywhere spectacular, but we did have a "split shift" date Thursday.  Have you ever had a split shift date?  This is how it went:  We dropped off the kids at school (except for E) and hit IHOP with a BOGO Free breakfast.  YUM!  I love me some pancakes.  Then we dropped off E at my aunt's house and spent the whole day window shopping and hanging out.  We went to lunch at On The Border and then it was time to go pick up the kids from school.  BUT, we also had FREE movie tickets for Thursday night.  So, after we picked them all up and took J for a quick haircut appointment, we dropped them all off at my aunt's house so we could go to the movies.  We saw The Social Network.  It was pretty good, much better than I expected.  It ended up with the top earnings at the box office this weekend ($23 M).  It wouldn't have been my first pick, but it was free, which made it very appealing.  So, that was our split shift date.  It was sooo nice to have an adult conversation for a few hours with no interruptions. 

Check out this Coach bag I found while window shopping.  It's nice, but for $498, obviously, I passed. 

I found this one at New York and Company.  Love the purple and a much better buy at $39.  I know it's not real leather so it wouldn't last more than a year, but I never carry the same purse more than a year anyway. 

The rest of the weekend was uneventful.  Neither my Hogs, nor my Cowboys played this weekend.  To tell the truth, I was a little lost without my football games.  Saturday I spent the day sewing while Hubby watched football.  Sunday we went to church.  That's about it.  Hubby is going back to work today.  I'm not sure I'll know what to do with myself.

Want to see what I made this weekend?  I loved my DishWitchy Towel so much, that I made E a shirt too. 

Pretend my "flower" bed wasn't so weedy.  Okay?  Okay.

Have a good Monday!



  1. Sounds FUN! And what a cute little angel wearing that cute little witchy tee!! :D


  2. Sounds like you had a fun weekend! I love that Coach bag...nice alternative and it does have the same look. I was at Cracker Barrel on Sunday and I thought of you when I saw all these cute little things in the gift shop with the witch shoes on them. Yours was way cuter though!

  3. Do you have a Coach Outlet near you? I was at one last week and the deals were steals!

  4. love the witchy shirt!!

    I love the purple bag :)

  5. Super cute shirt! How nice to have a day with your man!

  6. What a nice date you guys had! Love E's new t-shirt. :)

  7. Love the shirt and I just scrolled down to see the very cute dishtowel too!!!

  8. Totally loving that little shirt, and doesn't she look so cute as a model?!? Are you going to make more of them for sale? If I had a little one, I would love it.

    I'm jealous of your split shift date. I feel as if the husband and I are two ships that pass in the night these days. I am a bit sick of weekends too fully jam packed with social outings. When did fall become such a busy wedding season? Jiminy!!

    I want to see that movie. Betcha we wait for it to show up on TV for free.

  9. Hey Miss Tanya! Yay for your date!!!! We have "modified dates" a lot. That means just the two of us--w/our 2 yr old in tow. Lots of adult conversation and connecting. Don't have a sitter yet so we do our best. I love me some pancakes too! mmmmmm good!

    Great job on the shirt! I love the bows on the shoes. Have a great night, friend!

  10. Cute shirt! Sounds like you guys enjoyed your day out and about!


  11. What's a date? Ha! Sounds like y'all had a lovely time. That is so important. I was lost this weekend, too. I'm a total football junkie!

    Oh.My.Word! That shirt is precious and looks so cute the way you styled her whole outfit. You could sell a ton of these!