Friday, October 22, 2010

Willow House Online Party and A Giveaway!!!

I am so excited to be hosting an online Willow House party and….wait for it….my first giveaway! WOO HOO!

My friend Carmella, from Southern Fried Dreams, is a Willow House consultant.  Willow House has beautiful decorative accessories, kitchen items, serving dishes, and LOTS of awesome deals to offer, including an Outlet right on the website offering as much as 75% off many items. Wanna see what I mean? 

This is a picture from Carmella’s blog. Don’t you love her Lady Jane vase?  It’s gorgeous with those branches in it, isn’t it? Love it!

Are you planning a party this holiday season?

This is the Ornate Iron Two-Tiered Stand.  Wouldn’t this look beautiful on your serving table piled up with cookies, cupcakes, or other holiday goodies?  It just happens to be 25% off right now.

Also, y’all know how I love polka dots, right? Check these out:

These are the Gramercy Polka Dot Bowls.  Oh how I loooove these bowls!!

So, what do you love? Willow House has something amazing for everyone, from decorating items, to outdoor items, to beautiful serving items. Wanna hear about the specials?

If your items (from either regular priced, sale or outlet items) reach $39.96, you then qualifty to purchase an item from the Willow House store valued under $40 for 50% off that item.


If your items (from either regular priced, sale or outlet items) reach $59.96, you qualify to purchase an item from the regular store valued under $60 for 50% off that item. Isn’t that awesome?

Click HERE to go to Willow House site. Click Shop Online and Browse around. When you check out, you will be prompted to “Find My Party Host”. That host would be ME, Mrs. FFB! Under Party Host, my first name would be “Frou Frou” and my Last Name would be “Britches”. Then click “Search For A Host”. From there, you will receive a confirmation notice.

Now, for the giveaway! I’m so excited!!! The winner will receive:

Fix It and Forget It from Oxmoor House.  Oh, how I love a good crock-pot recipe.  They make my life sooooo much easier!  In fact, the photo on front is making my stomach growl.  YUM!  Wanna know how to win it?

1. RSVP to let me know you will be joining the online party (1 entry)

2. Invite others to join the party (send an email, facebook, twitter, blog post, etc. - then let me know how you shared (1 entry)

3. Subscribe to Carmella’s newsletter here (1 entry)

4. Inquire about hosting a home party (local) , hosting an online party (remote), or our business opportunity for 5 entries!!! Use this form for the inquiry and mention frou frou britches in the notes.

**Don't forget to leave a comment for each thing you do to be eligible for the giveaway!!**

So, come party with Carmella and I and see what your favorite thing is.  The party will be open through next Thursday, October 28th.  Good luck on the giveaway my bloggy friends! 



  1. Love the polka dots! Have a great weekend,


  2. I love Willow House so much! I came here yesterday but didn't have time to go to the site and look around. Plus, I have to look at the budget, too, to see how much "want it but don't need it" money I have.

    Going to the online catalog now...

  3. Tanya... it's great to "meet" another Cowboy fan... even if we are not having the winning season we were all hoping for! I love to corss-stitch but don't do it as often anoymore... to many other crafting projects to do... lol. I bought the pattern on ebay... here is the link

    My dad usually comes to my house to watch the games... but since the game is on Monday night I thought... let's have a party. So I invited my dads two brothers to come for dinner and watch the game with us (they are both big Cowboy fans too).

    Thanks for visiting and Go COWBOYS!