Monday, October 18, 2010

Weird Things Kids Do

Do your kids do really odd things?  I mean, obviously, my 6 year old autistic baby does weird stuff, most autistic kids do, but all my kids do weird stuff.  When my oldest "C" was little, she used to run around with socks on her hands.  Everytime we walked into the house, she would take her shoes and socks off and put her socks on her hands like mittens.


E has taken to wearing her older sisters bike helment around.  Isn't this lovely? 

She is also obsessed with her new lunchbox and wearing these toy goggles.

Nice, huh?

Do your kids do weird things, or is it just mine?


  1. aww! These are so funny! It makes me wonder what I used to do that was weird!

  2. Hahaha! My oldest *still* does that with his socks...and at age seven after a day at school, they do NOT smell good! ;) It is not just your kids, my kids are totally weird too! I love this post. I could definitely fill up a post (or a hundred) about the weird things my kids do. Like my four year old's blankie tag-sucking, or my toddler's belly button fetish (she walks around everywhere with her pointer finger jammed in there), and my seven year old's refusal to empty the pebbles out of his sneakers. :)

  3. my daughter likes to wear socks on her son likes to carry everything (all his little toys at one time). They both think it's hysterical to lick my face - that one is just annoying. Oh..and my daughter prefers to sleep on the floor instead of her bed or any bed, for that matter!!

  4. Funny : ) My girls used to make me laugh every day when they were little
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  5. Funny!!!! My kids wanted to wear their bike helmets everywhere too...weird!

  6. HaHa!! Mine did odd stuff too. Well, mainly it was Miss Whimsy. She went through a hat phase that we thought would never end. She never wore a bike helmet that I can remember, though. I think yours are more creative!

    My niece carried around a gift bag full of those tag board inserts from magazines for about a year. She kept adding to her collection. She called them her "pa-pus". So funny now that I think about it. She's a pretty compulsive shopper these days. Hmm...

    You don't suppose your C will end up a puppeteer and E will be an aviator do you?

    So cute!!!They are obviously creative.

  7.'s cute!
    I could write a book about all the weird stuff my kids have done.