Friday, October 8, 2010

Cute, Mini Pumpkins

I've said before that fall is my favorite season.  I love all things fall.  The problem is that I usually don't get motivated to decorate for fall because by the time it finally cools off outside, it's almost time to decorate for Christmas.  Today the high is 87 degrees, which is waaaay to hot for hay bales, pumpkins, scarecrows, indian corn, etc.  BUT I did finally buy a few little things.  E begged for the tiny pumpkins at Wal-Mart yesterday and I found a few gourds at our local produce stand.  I saw Holly's Fall Wreath she made from leaves she bought at the DollarTree and knew I had to get some of those leaves.  My DT didn't have the exact same leaves, but they did have a bag of 150 leaves for $1.  So, I brought it all home and E arranged it in my favorite wooden dough bowl. 

I like the way it looks, but it was too small for my kitchen table so I moved it into the living room on my New Old TV Stand

It looked a little scimpy with my big ole mirror, so......

I dug my red berry wreath (which I realize may be more winter than fall, but I needed some color and I had it on hand) out of the closet for some color and added the black paisley ribbon which I had in my stash.  I just stapled the ribbon to the back of the mirror (and managed to staple my hand in the process).    I think it looks pretty good for the bargain price of $5.00. 

**I know the lighting is HORRIBLE.  I did actually clean the mirror before I took this picture, but it doesn't look like it.

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  1. That looks great! I love the all just goes so well together.

  2. Taking a few minutes to TRY To catch up. Whew.
    I love your fall bowl and totally get the weather thing, as you know.

    I bought some "real" little pumpkins a few weeks ago to decorate. Well.......
    They rotted. Good grief. I just didn't think it would happen quite that quickly. I need some litte cute faux ones like you.

  3. Wait a minute... scratch that. Did you say that yours are from a produce stand too? Somehow, when I read Walmart I was thinking craft dept.

    So, beware of the rot. Trust me, you don't want to have to discover it by the smell. LOL

    See how tired I am?

  4. The little pumpkins and gourds are great to get for your office mates. Put one on each desk, the whole place is decorated.

    Your bowl with leaves looks great.

  5. I LOVE little pumpkines! I love your arrangement. We picked up some white and orange ones and I've been busy filling up my clear cylindar vases with them! So lovely-

  6. I love your arrangement - the pumpkins are great and the mirror looks clean to me! You should see my mirrors if you want to see a dirty mirror!


  7. I love what you did!!! Its lovely Autumn without being overstated. You are awesome! I am so sorry that its still 87 degrees where you are...we are getting chilly mornings and warm afternoons. I too love decorating for Fall. I love your leaves in the dough bowl, which I also love by the way!!!

    Have a fabulous Fall weekend!!! Blessings to you and your family!

  8. Would you believe...I have a dough bowl that looks exactly like that? Only it's quite large and I have it on my coffee table with some fall things in there. I was going to post a photo of it, but since it's on a wooden table, the bowel doesn't show up well. I'm waiting until I can get some kind of light colored runner under it first. Your, by the way, is lovely!

  9. Oh, I love it!!! Great idea to put the wreath over the mirror too. :)

  10. Gourds in a dough bowl is one of my very favorite ways to decorate for fall. My mom does this every single year! I still haven't bought any fresh gourds, but I do have dried ones all over in the house. I like that they are perfect to have out until Thanksgiving!

  11. Your fall vignette looks great! Love that dough bowl.
    Thanks for linking to me :)