Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween and Puppies

Well, Halloween is over and I feel like I almost missed it.  It's been so crazy busy around here, I didn't put up any Halloween decorations.  It just never happened.  I thought I would post the kids in their costumes, but you have to promise me something.  You see, because I've been so busy, my house is a wreck.  So, please excuse the background of this photo.  We recently switched satellite companies too so ignore all the wires and manuals on the mantle as well as the cable boxes on the floor.  I'm so embarassed!

J is Luigi (AGAIN!), E is a butterfly pixie, although you can't see her wings very well, C is some sort of skeleton thing with a red cape(all her creation), and L is Charlie Brown. 

C's matching skelton sock monkey she made. 

So, our other news is that my Emme had puppies on Saturday.  She had seven little girls (one fawn, five flashy fawn and one white).  They are healthy, doing well, and PRECIOUS! 

Emme and the girls

Sweet face!

So, how was your Halloween?



  1. You're lucky that you can your whole group to pose for a photo, and they look terrific! I love C's matching sock monkey - she did an awesome job. E reminds me of my little girl who used to wear wings every chance she got!

    I love those sweet puppies... that face!! Emme looks pretty tired- I guess that's what happens when you have seven puppies. My brother breeds hounds, and would be thrilled with seven healthy girls.

  2. Your kids look super cute!!
    Love the puppies, so so cute!!!!<3

  3. Awwwww! Those puppies are so cute!! And we can feel embarrassed together...I never got around to the Halloween decorations, either. Ugh. Next year...

  4. The kids look great! Hope they had fun!

    And I love the puppy photos. So cute!

  5. Your kids look so happy in their cute costumes. I know they had a fun night.

    Those puppies are adorable. Good grief, she sure had enough of them!!! Poor Mama dog must be exhausted!

    I was secretly glad when our doorbell only rang one time last night. It's been light for trick-or-treating for the past few years in our neighborhood. They must be trick-or-treating elsewhere.

  6. Yay for the happy mommies! One who delivered a healthy litter of precious pups, and the other who delivered a troop of trick or treaters straight to Candy Land.

    The costumes are all precious! I'm going to call your C "Red Skelton", but you're probably way to young to get that.

    And I order you to stop worrying about your house when the good life is happening. That's much more important. I can promise, the housework will be there long after the trick or treat years are gone.

  7. Oh my gosh! How cute is EVERYTHING! The children! The Puppies!
    Have a pretty day!

  8. How cute are those puppies...are you keeping them ??