Sunday, November 13, 2011

Holiday House 2011

What a great weekend!  On Saturday, my mom, sister, my oldest, C, my niece, K, and I went to the big Christmas shopping extravaganza known as Holiday House.  It's a large craft show put on by the Junior League of Little Rock.  My mom, sister and I LOVE to go, but this is the first time our girls have gone with us...BIG MISTAKE!  UGH!  They are sooooo staying home next year.  Anyway, I just thought I would share a few pictures I took.  I know it is probably strictly forbidden frowned upon to take pictures of the booths and I probably should have asked instead of totally sneaking shots snapping photos, but I just couldn't help myself.  So sorry.  I promise to never to do it again (until next year).  Sometimes it's better to apologize afterwards than to ask permission, ya know?  Especially if you are pretty sure they're gonna say no.  Hee Hee!  So, because I was totally sneaking shots with my iphone, some of them are a tad bit out of focus.  Again, so sorry. 

This is what greeted us when we walked in the door.  Isn't it fabulous?  Love the flocking with the red and green.  So pretty!

Love this tree!  Some of my favorite colors - red, green and aqua.  LOVE!

Okay.  Weird shot because the little green tree is in front of the big tree I wanted to show you.  That's what happens when you're trying to be sneaky.  Aren't the colors fantastic?  Purple and magenta. 

But, it wasn't just Christmas decorations, there were also lots of gift items. 

This wine bag cracks me up!  After all, I do love my Jesus, but I also enjoy beer with my pizza.  Hilarious! 

Aren't these beaded serving pieces adorable? I love them!!!! I think my SIL knows how to make them. Gotta get with her on that. 

This is the sock monkey booth.  So many cute things and...

even a Thanksgiving sock monkey.  See his pilgrim hat on that one sock monkey?  And the lunchbox?  So cute!

There were also several booths with wonderful clothes and home decor.  I forgot to take pictures of all but one booth though.  Wanna see the one I managed to sneak?

I love that mirror in the back!  Hello gorgeous!  And those pillows!  Wanna closer look?

Cute, right? 

So, we concluded our shopping day by eating at On The Border.  I always vote for Mexican food when we go out.  YUM!  White cheese dip and tacos (again, with a beer - MMM!) - one of my very favorite meals!! 

Thanks mom and sis for an awesome day together!!! 



  1. What a fun day! I know that I would have been in there forever oohing and aahing over those many cute things. Love the sock monkey thins! I'll bet the girls went nuts over them.

  2. I wish I could have gone! Looks like it was awesome!

  3. It sounds just wonderful! My mom, sister, and I used to go to this thing called "Christmas Made in the South" in Savannah every year. We haven't been in ions. I don't know why. Hmm.

    I think you can rightly call your photos publicity so they should be appreciative. If I lived in your area, you would make me want to attend.

    So much eye candy!!

  4. Ooh, how I miss Holiday House! They throw one here in Memphis too but the vendors aren't the same quality as in Little Rock - lots of them have the same pre-purchased stuff as each other, nothing really hand-made or special. It looks like it was a blast!

  5. I used to go to something pretty similar to the Holiday House several years back...such FUN! However, like you, I made the mistake of taking my girls and they complained nearly the entire time. Momma was not happy! :)

  6. This looks so fun! And very similar to how I spent my afternoon yesterday :) We went to the Southern Christmas Show and had a great time shopping and getting into the holiday mood. I am actually working on posting a few pictures too. I was sneaking a bunch too :)

  7. Was this the same one that had the sock monkey tree last year? I'm so jealous of all the sock monkey goodness!

  8. Everything looks beautiful.
    Looks like it was awesome!