Monday, July 26, 2010

Family Movie and Pizza Night

Wednesday night is our designated Family Night.  We either have Family Game Night or Family Movie Night.  We try to have "fun" food and time together for some family friendly fun. 

On our last Family Movie Night we made homemade pizza.  Now, let's get real here - I've never been a fan of homemade pizza.  The crust is never right.  It's either too doughy, the wrong texture, or just not quite right.  We have a small franchise pizza place in our town that has a wonderful crust.  It has just a little bit of a beer taste or I've been told it could just be the yeast in it, either way, it's soooo good!  So, when I saw this Beer Batter Pizza Dough over at Alli 'n Son's blog, I couldn't wait to try it!! 

C and J had a great time kneading the dough and helping me roll it out. 

I have not found a pizza sauce recipe that I'm in love with yet, so I used canned tomato sauce and just added some spices.  Then we topped it with mushrooms, pepperoni and a blend of cheese.  Then, because I try very hard not to use my crappy un-insulated oven because it makes my house hotter than....well, hotter than it should be, I decided to cook them on the grill.  It worked pretty well.  The temperature on the grill was about 450-500 degrees.  I used just a plain metal pizza pan because I don't own one of those fancy pizza stones.  They actually turned out really well.  This was BY FAR the best pizza dough I've tried! 

Then we all piled up in the living room and watched this: 

It was really cute!  Even my 4 year old watched most of it.  Although, as usual, L retreated to our room to watch Heffalump.  He loves Heffalump.

Do you have family night at your house?  What is your family night routine?


  1. pizza on the grill is soo good!!
    Love your family night tradition!!

  2. No family night here, but your tradition sounds great. I need to make homemade pizza crust soon. I'm lazy and usually use the type in the tube.

  3. It looks delish, Tanya! I haven't tried making crust yet--so far just bought dough at the store, but this would be much more cost effective. We haven't really done a family night with movies and stuff b/c my kids go to bed at 8, but we do order pizza with Mimi just about every Friday. ;)

  4. Call me ignorant, but I have never heard of pizza on the grill! Who knew? We could have been grilling pizza for years. The husband would have loved it.

    When the girls were growing up, Friday night was movie night at the house. How much fun it was! They probably would have like that one you saw. They loved the "Spy Kids" ones. It might be similar.

  5. I love this idea! We do movie nights & game nights sporadically but never "pair" them up with a fun dinner night. We'll have to do that next time!