Monday, August 2, 2010

Baby Girl Gets Her Cast Off

So, as some of you may know, my little E fell off her brother's top bunk four weeks ago and broke her arm.

Isn't she cute with that big ole pink cast?  She was such a big girl, she barely cried when she broke it.  She didn't complain about her cast, even when she couldn't swim with everyone else at the lake.  After we got her cast on, she kept saying, "Mom, thanks for taking me to the doctor." 

In the doctor's office, getting ready to get her cast off.

Here she is waiting to get her x-ray, all by herself.  On a sidenote, when that x-ray tech guy asked me if I could be pregnant, my first thought was, "Um, NO, these tubes have have been cut, tied and saudered!"  My second thought?  "Is he saying I look pregnant?"  I've GOT to lose weight!  UGH!  Anyway,

Here she is all finished and ready to go.  She was excited to swim our in fancy pool in the backyard.  Okay, so it's one of those plastic pools from Wal-Mart, but it has a slide - fancy!  I couldn't wait to give her a real bath and wash her hair in the tub instead of the kitchen sink.  WOO HOO!

The best part?  That sweet little voice saying, "Mom, thanks for taking me to the doctor to get my cast off.  It's all better!"  Sweet girl!


  1. What a sweet and brave girl you have. I hope her arm is as good as new now!

  2. Oh my goodness, she's so pretty! I just love her curly hair! To be so sweet on top of it is just an added bonus. You are blessed.

    You had me laughing out loud with the "Is he saying that I look pregnant" comment.

    That is exactly the way that I think. I'm diligently dieting... again... as always... around here. Sigh.

  3. That sweet thing! I bet she was ready to get back in that pool. :)