Monday, August 23, 2010

Wow! What a Crazy Week!

So, what y'all been doing?  It's been absolutely CRAZY at my house for the last week.  Last Thursday was the kids first day back to school, so the beginning of the week was full of last minute doctor's appointments, making breakfast for my 6 year old's preschool staff, teachers and therapists because my friend D and I wanted to make sure that they knew how much we love and appreciate them before we took our babies out of their loving hands and threw them into the real world of Kindergarten.  Then Tuesday night we had Open House at two different schools.  Wednesday was last minute school stuff. 

So, as I said, Thursday was the first day of school.  I got up at the crack of dawn and put on makeup and stuff (that almost never happens before school), made a big breakfast and rushed around to get everyone ready for school.  We dropped off my big boy at his school and he went in all by himself.  I was so proud of what a big boy he was.  Then we dropped off my 12 year old at her school and off she went to start the 7th grade.  Then, we were off to take L to his first day of Kindergarten.  We walked into his classroom and talked to his teacher for a few minutes and L refused to let go of our hands.  He knew what was coming and he was NOT happy about it.  When we finally did head for the door, he started screaming.  I didn't cry until I heard him, and then I lost it.  I cried off and on all day.  Poor E was lost without her brothers and sister.  She kept asking if we could go get them.  The second day of school went much smoother.  No crying, well at least not for L. 

Everything went smooth except for the picking up.  All three kids go to different schools.  J gets out at the same time as L.  Thursday I got to J's school 45 minutes before the bell rang so I could pick him up and rush to get L.  I made it to the pickup spot right before the buses were about to turn in (if the buses are in the parking lot, they won't let you in).  Friday, the guy directing traffic refused to let me in the parking lot where I pick up my son.  He yelled at me and told me to go to the other parking lot.  I tried to explain that I had a "special education child" to pick up and I had to pick him up at this parking lot (the other elementary kids are picked up in another parking lot at the front of the school).  He still refused to let me in and I just LOST IT!  I pulled over on the side of the road and cried trying to decide what to do.  I was so frustrated.  I could see my child 30 yards from me, but I couldn't get to him.  I was so angry.  This guy was three times my size, but I was so angry I think I could've taken him.  I got out of the car and walked up to get L.  His teacher said, "He had a really good day today.  No crying at all."  Then she looked up to see tears rolling down my cheeks.  I could not stop crying.  I know she thought I was completely NUTS.  So, as it stands now, I can't physically be in two places at once at pickup time.  I'll keep trying and hopefully the traffic will get better this week.  But, I swear if that man yells at me again...I'll...I'll...I'll cry some more and hopefull he'll feel really bad.  I'm so tough, I know.

Wanna see our awesome back to school picture? 

Nice, huh?  They refused to cooperate with me.  UGH!

So, here's hoping we have a better week this week. 

Later this week, I'll be sharing about this:

Because my week just wasn't stressful enough....



  1. Oh, Tanya...You gave me tears in my eyes as I read about you crying. I am frustrated with you and for you!! I remember having to be in two places at once, and if I hadn't had my mother and sister, I would have gone stark raving mad.

    I think the schools ought to give a little sign for the dashboard to parents with specific situations like yours so that the guard will let you by.

    At least the first day of school picture made me giggle. Kids.... just determined to be uncooperative, aren't they?

    Can't wait to hear about the tree. Uh oh.....

  2. Oh Tanya, you poor thing. I hope this week is much better for you and the kids.

  3. oh boy! It sounds like you need a break (or at least 2 or 3 extras of YOU)! I'm glad school has gone smoothly?? for most of you :)

    I can't even imagine what happened with the tree!

  4. Oh my word. You poor girl. You need a drink and a nap. :( Glad that school is going well for L though!

  5. So, you just wait till the end and throw in the picture of the tree? Talk about a cliffhanger! I can't wait till the next installment!

    And I so hear you about the tears and the frustration! That is so tough! Is there anyone you can carpool with? There must be other parents in the same situation. You can't live with that kind of rushy stress every day for the whole school year.

    I suppose, after being in two places at one time, lifting a tree off the house shouldn't be a problem at all...Moms really are super heroes!

  6. You poor thing! You've had a rough few days. Why don't you let the older kids ride the bus home?? That sure would save your sanity. I hope your house is ok.

  7. Hope this week gets better! I had a tree fall on my house once during an ice storm - hope you guys are able to get everything taken care of easily!

  8. Oh, Tanya...I'm so sorry! First of all, I would have cried too. Second of all, if the school told you to pick up your child there, then you need to make sure you're allowed to do it, without being hassled by a security guard with delusions of power! Seriously, somebody needs to hear about this! I hope you can get this straightened out with the principal or something.
    And a tree? My word!