Thursday, August 19, 2010

Getting to Know You...School Memories

Since today is the first day of school for my little ones, I thought we could share school memories - best and worst. 

I think my best memory of school would be in high school.  You have to understand that I wasn't an extremely popular girl.  I had very close friends that were popular and I had plenty of friends who weren't popular.  I tried really hard to be friends with everybody.  My favorite memory had to be when I was a senior in high school.

It was fall, but still very warm outside.  I was running late, as usual.  I wore a red dress with small white polka dots.  I was sweating underneath all that taffeta.  I rushed into the gym to find the other girls lining up and the band warming up.  We'd skipped class the day before to practice, but all of a sudden I worried I wouldn't remember what to do when it was my turn.  The guys were lined up on the other side ready to go.  The student body filed into the gym, the band started playing and the announcer called our names one by one.  Finally, he called my name "Maid, Tanya...."  and I nearly passed out.  Luckily my feet started moving and I could see my escorts about half way down the aisle - my friend Eric, with whom I ate lunch a lot and went to church with for years - and John, the boy I had a crush on since 5th grade.  I looped my arms through theirs and we walked to the stage.  Sigh.  Almost done.  Just a few more girls to go.  That's when the tears came.  I tried not to cry, but it somehow hit me that this would be one of those days I would remember for the rest of my life.  This is the day that I was one of the chosen ones.  Then, the announcer said, "Stephanie...your maid of honor" and I watched through tears as Stephanie walked down the aisle and took her seat.  Then the announcer said, "Everyone please stand to welcome your homecoming queen....Sara...."  We all stood to watch our school "Miss Everything" walk down the aisle with our quarterback.  When "The Queen" got to her seat, she turned around, looked at the audience, held out her arms wide and mouthed "Thank you, thank you" and blew kisses like she was Miss America and this continued for what seemed like five minutes.  Seriously?  Does she realize she's the homecoming queen in a small town in Arkansas and not Miss America? 

Anyway, after a wonderful ceremony, there was a short parade.  I rode in a red convertible mustang with my two escorts.  Then that night was the football game ceremony where my dad walked me across the field.  Durint the football game, the girls sat on a small stage they built close to the end zone.  Then after the game, we all went to the dance.  I don't remember that much about the dance, but everything else that day is engraved in my memory.  Sadly, even the way our "Queen" acted is as fresh as it was yesterday.  I can't think about it without rolling my eyes.  UGH! 

My worst, most embarassing day in high school would have to be the day of the blood drive.  It was senior year and, of course, we all wanted to give blood so we could skip class.  So, I stood in line and was terrified.  I'd never given blood before.  Was getting a needle jammed in my arm and filling up that durn blood bag really worth not having to hear Mrs. Tanner talk about the Holocaust?  Um, maybe so.  So....I waited and tried not to freak out. 

Finally it was my turn.  I sat down and looked away, trying to distract myself with having a conversation with Franky and John.  They were reassuring me that it was no big deal.  They were already filling their bags with a smile on their face.  But they were big, strong football players.  They wouldn't admit it if it was horrible.  Here we go......the stick in the arm....the pumping the tennis ball....don't look at it and you'll be fine, I thought.  Meanwhile, my football player buddies were done and eating cookies a few feet away.  I never met a cookie I didn't like.  Something to look forward to.  "All done!  You're a good bleeder!" the nurse said as if that was a good thing.  I sat there as she took off the cotten ball and turned to get another one.  Blood streamed out of my arm and dripped down to the floor......Then suddenly, the football players and I were standing on a cliff and jumping into the lake below.  They had jumped and they were calling my name.  "Tanya!"  Then, I hit the water.....or actually, a cup of water hit me in the face.  I had passed out in the chair and my football buddies were calling my name before someone threw a cup of water in my face and hit me with the smelling salts.  Weird fainting dream.  So, there I sat in the library, soaking wet with mascara running down my face, eating cookies, with Frankie and John, my crush and Homecoming escort.  How embarassing! 

What are your best and worst school memories?



  1. I would have to say, like you, that my best day had to do with Homecoming. I remember so clearly, they were announcing the maids. I didn't hear my name called as a maid and knew then that I didn't make it again....until they named the queen. I nearly fainted when they said MY NAME. Wow. I couldn't believe it.
    I refuse to disclose my worst day. It's still too embarrassing to discuss.

    I said a prayer for you and L this morning. I've been thinking about y'all.

  2. First: I thought the first day of school was tomorrow. I know your anxious.... HE IS DOING GREAT, Mom. Hugs to you.

    About the post: "You're a good bleeder" made me start to chuckle. I guessed what was coming, too... poor you! The same thing happened to my daughter.

    Well, since I have already told my barf up sweet potatoes on the table story in blogland, I don't really have another embarrassing school one.

    I was the brainy and club member girl. I would have felt the same way about Miss Queen. For some reason, I can't think of another good story to tell from high school.

    In middle school, I was apparently "going steady" with a dorky boy for about a week because my smart alek best friend intercepted a note and "checked yes" to be funny.

    Good grief.

  3. Haha...funny!!! Worst school memory: being super shy in elementary school and getting teased by some of the popular kids. Best memory: winning "Maid of Honor" for Homecoming Court in 11th grade when none of those girls were even on the court. Ha! ;)

    Stop by today if you have a chance...I have a Custom Blog Button Giveaway up! :)

  4. Best memory? Honestly, I'm not sure I have one. It's not that my whole school career was miserable (only some of it was) but just nothing that great stands out in my memory.
    Worst memories...being called fat, never ever having a boyfriend (until 11th grade), never having the right clothes, never being popular, etc. Have I mentioned that I'm a pessimist?

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  6. Worst memory - In the spring of 10th grade I got horrible poison ivy all over the insides of my legs. I'm extremely allergic and my legs swelled and were so sensitive that I couldn't wear pants. I had to wear skirts for a few days and walk with my legs way apart. You can imagine the teasing I endured.

    Best Memory - Spending the night with my high school bff. She lived in an very old historic house way out in the country. The place was full of antiques and had all sorts of neat documents hanging on the walls. I loved looking around the house and I also loved our friendship.

  7. Worst memory of school would have to be ALL of Jr. High. It was just pretty miserable all the way around. I ditched most of it (I was so bad!)

    Best school memory was Miss Hyland, my fourth grade teacher. I just really really liked her, and she liked me. I was a shy, chubby kid that got picked on a lot, and she got me. She was awesome, and I can't remember very many of my teachers, but I sure remember her!

  8. Hi Tanya
    what a great set of memories....I was one of the football players of course, on our State champion football team, until we lost the last game....sigh......the other team still celebrates it over 40 years later on thanksgiving, thats my worst memory....I do have many many good memories though....
    thanks for taking me for a walk down memory lane!

  9. I need to ponder this question tonight and i will respond tomorrow. I have a few of both.