Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dishing It Party..Summer Rewind.

YEA!  It's time for Amanda's Dishing It Party!  WOO HOO!  Come party with us!!


The topic for the month of August is about Summer favorites. 

~Did your family go on any trips this summer? Which was your favorite? 
We didn't go on a big vacation this year, or any recent year actually.  We did spend several weekends at Mom and Dad's house at the lake, which is always wonderful.  We had many, many good times. 

Tubing is so much fun!

Napping on the boat.

Good food at the lake!  YUM!

We had a wonderful 4th of July at Mom and Dad's with our "favorite cousins" (Hey Jamie!!) and my sister's family and my brother and the best SIL and BIL evah! 

Then we spent some time in Texas at my in-laws and again with my SIL/BIL. 

This is us at Hubby's cousin's lakehouse (more on that later).

We didn't take a big trip, but we had a lot of fun just visiting with family.

~Best new recipe you tried.

You can read about my new favorite recipe here.  It's for Chicken Tostadas and it is fabulous!  Had them last night as a matter of fact.  They ROCK! 

~Most exciting thing you've done this summer.

Well, other than starring in a movie, okay, it was my son's movie, with his movie camera, but I was the star!  Other than that...let's see... Okay, the dictionary defines excite as "something to stir action".  Well, if we use that definition, it would have to be my little one falling off the bunk bed and breaking her arm.  You can read about that here.  That definitely stirred up some action in our house.  And, if I do say so myself, I am good in a crisis.

  Sweet little E with her big pink cast.

~Coolest crafty thing you made or home decor thing you tried.

Okay, to most this will not sound very cool, but it was new to me.  I finally refinished my lovely orangey TV cabinet.  It went from this

to this:

Ahhh.  Much better. 

But, I also very much love this easy little craft.

You can find that post here.

~Best book or magazine issue you read.

I don't have a lot of time to read in the summer.  BUT, after Amanda's July Dishing It Party, I decided I needed a book, if only for a little escapism.  So, by several of y'all's suggestion, I went to the library to get Mary Kay Andrews' Hissy Fit.  I got it three weeks ago and I'm almost done.  I know, it's taking FOREVER for me to finish, but it takes longer to read with a bunch of kids interrupting me.  Anway, it's a great book and I'm very excited to pick up another of her books later this week at the library!  WOO HOO!  I'm looking so forward to reading in the school pick-up line. 

~Coolest new (to you) blog you've found.

Are you kidding?  There are sooo many!  I ADORE Debbie at Words on Wheels, Carrie at Messie Confessions and one of my newest bloggy friends Staci at Lizard 'N Ladybug.  Sweet, precious blogs.

~Favorite bargain or shopping find of the summer.

Okay, it's hot down here in Arkansas and I don't do the garage sale thing with all my kids because I would have to take them out of the car with me and worry about them running out in the streets or breaking the breakables that I would then have to buy, etc.  It's just not gonna happen with four kids.  BUT, the couple across the street had a garage sale and I did find the perfect little table while driving by.

Isn't she cute?

~Your best post of the summer was...?

I love Getting To Know You Thursday, such as this on on romance, this one on career dreams you had when you were little and this post which posed the question, To Which Decade Would You Travel, If You Could, for just a few days.  I like these posts because they spur conversations and through comments, I feel like I'm actually getting to know my fellow bloggy friends.  Love that. 

~What's left on your summer to-do list?

There are eight days left until school starts.  All I am concentrating on is spending the last little bit with the kids and getting them ready for school.  My sweet L, who is autistic, is starting Kindergarten in nine days.  I'm trying not to freak out and cry. 

Wow, it's been a busier summer than I thought.  Hmmm.  It sure flew by fast.  The older I get, the faster it goes.  My Daddy was right about that.



  1. Thanks for the mention. It's nice to find someone who shares a love of cluttered houses & 'crack cake' :)
    Glad I found your blog too!!!

  2. Oh your precious little girl is so darn cute asleep on the boat!

    I so hear you about garage sales and kids NOT going together! Once in a while I will leave mine at home with Dad and go out for an hour or so, but I just can't handle looking for treasures with kids in tow!

    I'm gonna check out your new favorite blogs now...

  3. Aw, THANKS for that shout out! I can't wait to see what you write every time, too! (Obviously... since I kind of stalk you...)

    I'm glad you put your "Getting to Know You" posts as a favorite for you. They are favorites of mine too. I love how you include such great details that get me thinking. The favorite decade one was my all time favorite for some reason.

    Very warm hugs coming your way from me about the kindergarten. I can tell you "It'll be fine" over and over, but I know you won't rest your heart until it IS, indeed fine.

    Which it will be.
    I just know it.

  4. Looks like you had so much fun at the lake house! And as always the food looks and sounds delish!

    So sorry about the broken arm...that's always tough. My son broke his arm at 8 jumping off a chair trying to dunk a basketball!

    We also start school next week - I'm both glad and sad!

    I really LOVE the little table from the garage sale, and am going to check out your posts about your little craft that I also think is fab!

  5. I love your garage sale table and your refinished TV stand! They look great! I haven't ready "Hissy Fit", but think I may have to check it out at the library tomorrow when we go for story time!
    I'm sure you're happy and sad at the same time that school is starting. I"m sure I'll have a heart attack the day Aidan starts school... Aaah!
    Enjoy the rest of your summer! :)

  6. I think weekends at the lake are about the best vacation that you can get. It will end all too soon!

    It's funny that you posted a picture of Frogmore Stew. I've been thinking about wanting to make that on and off all day long.

  7. You have hardly taken a breath this summer, I think. ;) I love your TV table makeover and your recipes are always the best. SO glad you have enjoyed "Hissy Fit." :)

    Thanks so much for linking up with me! Hope you are having fun visiting around. :)

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your TV cabinet ROCKS!! And so does that fleur de lis plate! Being a Saints fan and living an hour from New Orleans I think I'm going to have to make one for my house! :)

  9. Wow your tv bench looks great! I will have to check out that book! I am always looking for a good read!

  10. Sounds like you've had an action-packed summer! So much for "lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer," huh? You've gotten a lot done, though, and except for the broken arm it sounds like y'all have had a lot of fun. Good for you! Enjoy these last few days!

  11. Your girlie is so cute! Sorry to hear she broke her arm...looks like you guys have a lot of fun at the lake, and great food too! :) Enjoy the rest of your summer!