Thursday, August 26, 2010

Getting To Know You Thursday...Silly School Girl Crushes

Today, I thought I'd let loose and have a little silly fun.  Remember when you were about fourteen and you'd get together with your friends and talk about boys?  You'd talk about the cute celebrities and musician's we all had crushes on?  Did you ever have a really weird crush that nobody quite understood?  That's what we're talking about today - crushes. 

Wanna know the first crush I remember?  I'm dating myself here.  You ready for this?

Telly Savalas "Kojak"  I've always had a thing for bald men.  I think I was seven when Kojak was out.  Maybe it was because he always had Dum Dum lollipops in his mouth.  I love those and I was seven.  Maybe it's the way he said, "Who loves you baby?"  Weird, huh?   Know who else I loved?  John Denver.  I had a blue shirt with John Denver's picture on it and I wore it CONSTANTLY.  I loved him and his music.  I jumped around singing Grandma's Feather Bed on a daily basis.  I also had crushes on the Hardy Boys too, especially Sean Cassidy.  He was so cute!

Then when I got a little older, I had a thing for Duran Duran, specifically for John Taylor.  What can I say?  I grew up in the 80's when all musicians had big hair and occasionally wore makeup.

Soo cute and he had a British accent too.  

Then in college, I had a thing for.....

John Malcovich - awesome actor and again with the bald thing.

Know who I adore these days?

Patric Warburton.  He is stinkin' cute and HILARIOUS!  I LOOOVE a good sense of humor. 

Wanna see my biggest crush EVER?

My sweet Hubby!  He's got the almost bald thing going on AND the great sense of humor. 

Tell me about your crushes!!  I can't wait to hear!



  1. What a fun list!
    I agree with you about John Taylor :)

    You and your husband are so cute together!!

  2. Oh, my goodness. It's hard to remember back, but I had a crush on one of the guys in the GI Joe cartoon. ;) I was in middle school, I think, when the Disney version of The Three Musketeers came out, and I was in LOVE with Chris O'Donell. :)

  3. I didn't have a lot of movie/music/tv crushes. But there were a few real live boys... Lenn in high school. No idea what happened to him. Peter in college, and he broke my heart. Doesn't like girls...I guess that was a losing game from the start. Robert in my twenties. Then Mr. Sahm came along so late! I was 36 and he was 41, and he was so worth waiting for! Best crush I ever had!

  4. I like Sean Cassidy, too. Did you have his album?

    I loved Patrick Sellick on Magnum PI and in high school I thought that Tom Cruise was the cutest thing ever. Pierce Bronson was the next hottie for me. I think I need to stop thinking about it now!

  5. Your best one is that handsome husband of yours!! No competition.

    As for mine, I'm older than you. Therefore, it was not Sean Cassidy but his big brother David who made my heart swoon. I also loved... LOVED Donnie Osmond.

    That was all preteen. In my teen years, my heart belonged to one man: Kenny Rogers. I had a thing for beards! When I met the husband, he had one. My mother *told* him to shave it off, and he has been beardless ever since. Hrmph.

    Beard or no beard, I still really do swoon over the husband. Nauseating, probably, but what are ya going to do? When you're in love, you're in love.

    Great one this week!

  6. You are cute!!
    My teen crush was none other than Donny Osmond and David Cassidy was a very close second.My hubby was my High School crush and after 28 1/2 yrs still is

  7. Love this!
    I guess I'm with the Donnie Osmond fans as a middle schooler but LOVED the BG's as a teenager.(All of them).
    Now, my cowboy husband still makes my heart flutter...even after 28 years.